Saturday, August 29, 2009

Where will I go?

That is a separate question.
The first one is, what do you do when in the middle of a cooking adventure for some friends coming over in the evening, you and your better half gets into an argument which you think is out of no where but the significant other goes on to justify that its valid enough and situation gets grim?

I don't know what you would do but I being what I am, continued the adventurous :O cooking quietly maintaining peace from one side and once the yummm chole and mughlai chicken was ready, went on to vent out the anger at my poor blog. How? by writing a good bye post to my blog.. how else..

such atyachar on me and my blog and you call me dramaebaaz and nautankey.. hummpphh. :(

Anyways, a dose of chocolates, a dinner with his friends, loads of appreciation for the surprisingly finger licking stuff and an-after-dinner-walk in the dubai summers(just the two of us); by the next day things were normal except for one thing. You guys read and replied on that once-serious now-silly post :P and I did not know what to do.. Someone called me nautanki, someone said its sad. What special do I write here anyways, I thought, but so many of you asking me to be back was something. It was more than enough to make me change my mind but then I wanted to stick to my words too..

And then, whoever ;) spoke about moving to WP provided me the solution there. It just so happened that I had created WP id few months back for Roops FF. So long story short - over the last few days I moved to WP and that is where I would be writing now onwards.. hehe...

Thank you ladies and gentlemen, I would have never moved to WP if not for all this. I found blogger simple and easy to use. But after working with WP during the migration, I have started liking it already.

BTW, I enjoyed the break- quitely reading the blogs and doing some other things including smiling at those lovely messages/mails you sent me asking why/what/how of the last post.. I came back for you guys! Next time such situation comes up(god forbid:P), I am gonna say good bye to someome else ;) HA HA.. & the best thing is- the someone reads my blog and keeps track of the comments more intensly than I do.. as soon as he discovered that post, he too started pestering me to come back and at least reply the comments.. I loved seeing the guilty face of poor him too :P. What fun.

Too much for now I guess.. allz well that endz well.. so!
Now! please come crash in here and tell me how do you like it.. 2 new posts and the silly me is looking for you.

-Good Bye Blogger-

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Its time for a break

I had a good time here, writing.. and reading those comments of yours... and getting to know how different people express their experiences, thoughts and emotions differently and beautifully..

Since I am taking a break(just like that) at this moment, thought I should post it up!!

I think I wont be back here.. to write more.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The latest craze..

baking and taking pics.
There is a lot of experimentation that one can do and the results are good to cheer your mood up..

I was finding it difficult to resist eating the banana cinnamom cake up(yes! I made that), slice by slice so thought of blogging to keep the mind diverted. The thing is I generally end up skiping lunch as eating alone and at times cooking for just self is quite discouraging or plain boring.. so when i liked the cake that i made today, the hunger cells raised their heads tall up.. and I merrily ate quite a bit of it.

So here I am, having eaten a qtr of the cake already :P and sharing pics of 2 of my latest baking experiments.

I read a recipe "nutty banana bread" and modified it today to make the banana cinnamon cake using brown sugar!

Honey-Raisin Bread baked a week ago, using this recipe

When I told Amit that this bread has a lowest fat content i.e no oil, no butter, no sugar, no maida and only egg whites, his expressions were of "should i even taste it??" but he said its tasting as good as cake and we ate up all that you can see in the above pic. & then I had to cook no dinner :-)

PS: Edited to add a closer look of Dhiren's share. I have only started baking... can;t afford his bad nazar :P

But Dhiren, pls watch ur drool.. the kepboard is floating already :D

Monday, August 10, 2009

Happiness n the green luck ..

One of the flowers I see in abundance around here is plumeria/frangipani or champa. It has a nice fragrance and I love to keep a few flowers floating in water in the house. It leaves me smiling everytime i see them..

I had a plant of plumeria in our Delhi home but before it bloomed we had the relocation happening. One of the neighbors however were delighted to take that plant home. I hope its giving flowers by now.

I had written about this lucky bamboo that i got from a chinese market here, Dragon Mart. One of the stick started withering so i had to untie them and then I put them in a different vase. From the reading that i did on the net, i understand that if u want it to grow, it should be kept in dark.
Direct sunlight is not good for the lucky bamboo... So I moved it to the bathroom and there its growing nicely.. Every stick has got 2-3 shoots..

I recently took a picture of these bamboos and those flowers together, from a different angle.
You can call it the flickr effect ;)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Miss you motey..

Thats what I call him. My day started with his call today morning, wishing on rakhi and telling me he got both the sister's rakhi just on time this year. And he also told me of the seviyan mom has made..
I went straight into the kitchen and got ourselves seviyan made too :) And that was our rakhi celebration.. :)

This is our last yrs rakhi plate, there are letters, fruit, tulsi leaves, local chocolate of kumaun along with the usual stuff. There is my rakhi, all those recd in post and the janeu which these guys are supposed to change today as they have had their thread ceremony done. So it has amit's and manu's.

Sometime festivals make new memories and at times they bring in nostalgic moments. I have a super stiff neck today which is limiting my movements so all I can do is sit and think and smile in memory of times spent together and maybe shed a tear or two in between..

Today is our 3rd rakhi after I got married. Dont remember much of the first one, last year we were together- infact were coming back from our memorable valley of flowers trip together and this year I did an online order for a rakhi set with kaju katlis that were delivered to him a day in advance.

I wonder at how time changes. How we celebrate relationships may also change. Things I once took for granted to be around me are being missed today. But my love for my bro will never change. If at all, it will only increase.

Bless u manu, the menace.. plan your trip here soon for my list is ready :D

Edited to add seviyan pic :) for the likes of dhiren-rakesh-masood and all those who would like to drool over it.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I like it clean NOT cleaning it!!

Who doesn't like spotless, dirt-free home where each thing is kept in its place, i do too. What I do not like though is the irony that it gets messed up so soon again. When I start the cleanliness drive, I only stop when everything is perfect. every-thing! Today, while Amit was away for some work, my fingers were itching to move the furniture around. To see if we can have any other setting and in the process the dirt in far-off corners would also be attacked upon.

So when I was done, I really liked the look and feel. Its interesting how you can achieve extra space just by moving things here and there.

With the rugs, the floor in the sitting area ended up looking like its set of a satyanarayan pooja in the evening..

PS: no, we are not having any such pooja tonight! Mention of newly created extra space is but ofcourse a cue to get a bean bag or two :) if someone's reading this too..

image thru google search