Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Officially Married now.

So finally we get our marriage certificate today after having been married for 1.5 years.

but look at the irony.. i have two long months ahead of staying single :( and thats gonna be the first time that we wont be with each other after being married. While I plan to have a blast (& I am sure he will do that as well), there are countless random things jinki kutch aisi aadat ho gayi hai ki only coming months will reveal how they are going to be.

and then the good part is that i will be spending this time with my parents. After dads posting out of mumbai, we hardly got to stay with him even when I wase there with mom n manu before shaadi.

having said all that.. the fact to rejoice at the moment is having got the marriage certificate for which everyone in family had been reminding us all this while. congratulations to us!!

1 comment:

Masood said...

Congratulations, again! :)
But why did it take so long to get the marriage certificate?
You can have all the fun that you want while your alone coz we will be doing the same here! ;)