Thursday, October 30, 2008

parting begins..

Aaj finally aone poney daam mein ghar ka saaman apne hi building ke logo ko dene ke liye tayyar ho gaye hum log. most of the furniture is sold out. rest we gonna move to our family. Ghar ka saaman kitne enthu aur pyar se collect kiya tha, vo bhi bus pichle 1.5 years mein- ek baar bhi nahi socha tha ki itni jaldi jaldi move karna padega. 

lekin movements have always been exciting for me especially coz i come from a defence background. bus ek baat decide ki is baar, ki ab jyada material collect nahi karenge.. coz once u start doing that u get attached to each piece in the house.. and it is not easy to see them getting waste or when u have to give them off to ppl for prices less than half of what u invested. not only the cost part, thinking of giving my plants away - i feel sad!

anyways, change is constant might be a cliche but it definetly gives us an oportunity to make new beginnings with all the learnings of past both on personal front as well as professional. Next two days are going to be hectic doing final packing & moving, I still hope to spend them well.. at least i will try.

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Geeta said...

Very True said ... the whole exp is making me feel so Nostalgic again and reminding me of our old Defence days wen we were required to keep packing and selling things which we cud not shift with us further after each postings... and the pain and the emotions attached with it used to be really dis heartening....Overall a Life long exp which can never be out of the beautiful old memories :-)