Friday, May 22, 2009

comeback post!

Almost a month of being away from the internet with just a 4 day access in between actually acted like a refresher. It reminded me of things I could do and enjoy if all time is not spent before the laptop.I have connectivity in the new house only since day before but I feel equally refreshed after reading stuff, seeing videos and interacting thru emails and instant messaging.. Conclusion: Everything has its own positive side but one must learn balancing it with the other activities. I usually tend to loose the discipline when there is no time bound responsibility, no family members to watch on me and an excuse of enjoying the break from work life.. 

A moment however is nearing when I will get the feeling that this break has been good and life must take some direction now...

Thats one thing. And then there are many more.

-Having moved to a picturesque place which is called Discovery Gardens and in the real sense of the name.. Even the negative side of it has something good. There is no grocery shop nearby :( as in the earlier place which means for every small thing we need to make a visit to a nearby mall, one of the world's largest themed mall, which on the side note has 21 screen megaplex too. & We watched Angels and Demons on the day of its release here. I loved the movie.

-Started working out daily. There is a gym just 2 floors above ours in the building and within a week I have noticed an increased endurance while doing my situps, running, cycling n stuff. 

-While we are indulging in eating out regularly, I am excited about the machine showing a magic figure of 51-52 kg for we have been walking & walking & walking outdoors, enjoying the gardens, beaches etc. Due to sea nearby, the place we have moved in has cool breeze in mornings n evenings, even in the hot month of May & this is Dubai :), I must remind myself.

-The heart breaking season of seeing our fish die went on for a month. We have finally got a tank with oxygen and the fish seem to be happier in the past one week. They look more energetic. I have 5 of them now. I wish I read Nancy's post with BIG NO-NO advice for fish bowl earlier. But I am thankful for she gave me some more sound advice n shared her experiences.

(A shot from the back side of the tank with all 5 of them)

-The latest beach visit this week for a morning jog was fun. While Amit walked, I ran and also collected a great variety of designer seashells. I am wondering what to do with them now.. Should I place them in the fish tank... any ideas?

(a few among the many)

-House is almost set, with all the basic stuff in place (we still managed to stay away from the temptation of buying a TV though). I am growing coriander @ home and soil sounds like a precious commodity here you cant find it anywhere.. I also got an indoor plant and some bamboo which is like food for the eyes. This reminds me to mention something- I think, plants and fish bowl make good gifts.. maybe bowl should be upgraded into a proper mini aquarium. I want to gift one to our parents (FIL loves them I am told)

-We have put a dart board in the balcony but not much time is being spent there. Goofy Mumma's nursery idea has put me into thinking how to convert the balcony into something interesting.. lets see..

-But the icing on the cake is the pool in our residential area. Its at an ideal 10 min walk from the house, that too a walk in a lush green bio-friendly residential area. I am learning swimming. 5 lessons, and I was in the deep end of the pool managing all on my own. I am happy and excited.. Like I recommended trying Vipassana meditation to everyone I cared for, I now recommend swimming to all as it is the best exercise for the entire body and more than that its such a relaxing fun to glide into water like a fish. 

Thats life for now... and I am catching up on all the blogposts i missed among the other things..


Anonymous said...

first !! will be back to comment !

Prashanti :) said...

great !!!! welcome back tara :). Pliss to post pics of the new home . As, for the shells, I would say that the bigger ones with the uneven edges may be a lil big .. you can buy the small multicolored rocks that are available in aquarium stores and spread the gravel as a base and then you can put smaller shells from your collection on the gravel .

Monika said...

oh glad u told me abt the fish bowl thing was planning to buy one this weekend :)

will ping u on chat to talk abt more

Anonymous said...

setting up a new house i m sure is quite satisfying and tiring.. but fun nevertheless... !! isnt it... !!

god bless u !!

Reflections said...

Wow.....ur apartment seems to be in a superb location. It sounds too good;-)).

Plants r my favourite hobby too now tho I'm not growing anything...but some of my plants r not thriving as well as expected;-(.

The shells are surprised u got them off the beach;-o

And thank for the mention;-))

Indian Homemaker said...

We also resisted buying a TV once (sold the old one, delayed the new one) to discover how much time it gives us, I find not having an internet connection can give the most free time imaginable!!

The shells are pretty and doing up a new place is a great feeling... I need to start being regular at the Gym too!!

A new house in a new location is fun but a Gym two floors above is like a dream ...

Crafty Shines said...

gym two floors above! nice! :)

great to hear u are all settled in..moving must be so tiring!! :|

all those shells tara...i'm coming to steal them!!! beg maybe??? :P :D