Thursday, May 7, 2009

Moving today..

we have a shifting happening today.. basically to a place nearer to his office and the rents here have come down by 40% from the time(5 months back) we took this rented apartment and this house's kitchen is too small with very less storage. There were reasons for staying here till now else we would have shifted two months back. 

Between yday and today all dust n grease has been washed off, stuff has been categorised, all delicates have been wrapped carefully and cartons are being sealed one after the other with proper labels indicating the contents. Consuming fruits & other perishables from the fridge and not buying anything additional just happened naturally, without particularly thinking about it. Amit has a back pain n is undergoing physiotherapy so I thought of keeping him away from the this. I am home all day long and there is not much to pack anyways coz most of the clutter was disposed off when we moved from Delhi few months back. 

Now I am done with most of it and relaxing a bit and a thought comes to mind. If recession continues like this, maybe i have an alternate career option. I can maybe start a packing n moving bz :o


Solilo said...

Have a safe move, Tara. Enjoy your new home! :)

Just call me 'A' said...

tell me about it. I understand packing the last 15 months I have moved 3 times...The last move, I did not call for packer and did all teh packing myself. when the movers came, they were impress i tell you.

so if you need a partner for the packing and moving know where to find one :) hee hee

Lyddie said...
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Lyddie said...

Please count me in as a 'partner', I can do the business plan for the company :-P. By the way I advice you to read Wayne Huizenga success story. He started with a single garbage truck and grew Waste Management, Inc. into an entity that would become a Fortune 500 company. So May be the packing and moving business can bring some good opportunity ;-). Let me know!

Reflections said... are u doing?????

Not to be seen???? Aha..internet not yet connected in the new place huh;-D.

Iya said...

u must be all settled in the new place by now..and looks like there is no internet connection. be back soon girl, with pictures ofcourse!!

mindspace said...

Yes guys! shifting done long back but this stupid net connection took 10 days. I didn't login from anywhere else all this while and enjoyed life.. only worry was forgetting the passwords but so far it seems to be okay :)

I guess I am gonna clear the mailbox and the reader before doing a post..

Unmana said...

Rents came down by 40%? Which city is this? Bangalore?

Hope you like the new place!

mindspace said...

I was talking of Dubai Unmana.. rents were at their all time high last year towards the end and thats when we leased one..

Anonymous said...

where are you ??? saving on rents and spending time somewhere else ????

your being missed in the blog world !!