Sunday, May 31, 2009

Friends corner..

I first blogged @ rediffblogs and getting my frist comment there lead to some excitement. I replied to this commentator. I didn't know the rule of blogworld at that time (that every comment should be replied to), so my reply to him was an email and there started a conversation. I dont recollect how and when we became friends. Emails, chats, calls. Thank you my friend, for listening to me even sometimes when I spoke mindlessly. Let me tell you, even you were not sane all the time. Even if we did not contact each other for months at times, January would be the month of remembering you again. Both of us being Jan born and this is the month I finalized whatever little investments I had to do. So because of his accounts background (CA I guess :o), I would sweetly wish him and then seek his help in planning my investments to avoid paying tax. I know he wondered why would I think that he will sit and do the workings for me but he ended up helping. Sweet enough of him :) 

Its strange how somebody you have never met or known till then gradually becomes a part of your life. From general chit chat to serious matters of life, we discussed all and worldly gyan was shared or bombarded on each other. I am not sure what he will have to say about it but I liked the bond we had. One reason could be the fact that it was the groom hunt phase for me. It is not easy when you have rejection happening from either side for whatever reasons and if you have someone you can talk to about all that, you value that 'someone' a lot. After maybe a year or 2, I finally found the person I wanted to marry. The progress was being shared constantly with this friend and so was the news. If you have never had a friend who has just found her life partner, lemme tell you she cannot stop talking about him all day to anyone who can lend her a ear.. This guy was subjected to it on regular basis. He often told me to shut up and stop talking like a case gone hopelessly in love. But I went on. I will cut it short ;) I got married, moved to the same city as this blog friend, but before the plan of meeting could materialize, we moved to another city and I have a feeling he disliked that.

I have a bigger circle of virtual friends than real ones but even if I got a chance to meet any of them in person, I have hardly used it. Its nothing to do with them being girls or guys. Its not even about my lethargy... I think I somehow am not as comfortable meeting people as I am in other means of conversations or socializing. One does get little busy when life takes this big turn. Relocation, whole lot of responsibilities and etc etc. All that does leave you with lesser time for many a things that you earlier did. Initially when I was found online late in the evenings, some friends would tease and ask me to logoff and spend time with the husband. And then some would complain that I had no time for friends now. It was strange and I did not think much about how to handle it. As a result now while we are still in touch and connect well whenever we do, its just like once in a blue moon.

Today he is married for 4 months, to a nice girl. He invited us for the wedding but knowing me, he would not have expected to see me even if we were in the same country. But that did never mean I wish any less happiness for the couple. I hope he understands that there are no differences that come up in a friendship due to marriage. Its just that some people are lil bizarre like me.. And you still are a friend..

PS: This post is dedicated to my first blog friend, who has almost stopped blogging and who I wish gets back to it...


Monika said...

awww blog friends mean a lot.... but i am cool abt meeting them actually look forward to meeting them

Monika said...

ok i was the first :D sigh even i have caught this from dhiren

Anonymous said...

Monika needs to really get a life !!!!

huh !!

blog friends.. I havent met mine.. I m still new in this world... but I am finding some unbelievable people here !!! really and I am finding friends for life... !! I am looking forward to meeting them some day !!! surely I will !!!

psst you should have gone for his wedding... !!!

Prashanti :) said...

You should have gone for his wedding !!!!!!!

neways, a very sweet story and am sure you both will remain frens for a long time :)

Bhavna said...

Nah, I dont think u should have gone for his wedding. Perhaps , some other time..u can meet.

mindspace said...

@Monika: yey!! for being first:) u too haan.. but it sounds fun. Its just some intrinsic inhibition or something i guess.. not sure.. otherwise its not that i dont want to meet up.. so its a contradiction that needs some work form my side.

@Hitchy: Look who is talking.. get a life and all.. hah!
i have missed so many weddings that i would have surprised myself having gone for this one.. that day is yet to come!

@Prashanti: Thanks Dear, I should send the link to him, he sure doesnt do bloggin now :(

@Bhavna: good to see you here, it would be interesting to see why you dont think i should have gone for his wedding.. pliss to tell.
n ya hope we meet someday :)

I scribble here said...

aww, that was sweet..
well, i DO have a friend (!!) like that. i infact believe in making online friends, i now know a few people closely now through my blog, and irrespective of the fact that i havent ever met them, there is a bonding i think.. hope u get to meet ur friend someday

Crafty Shines said...

lol@ monu having caught the virus!!! :D

wow, that is some sweet friend u made tara! and am sure u made an equally good one, eh?? he helped u with ur accts n all!!! :D sweet!!!

i am fairly new and haven't met anyone, but have been interacting like i've know them all my life!!! lol!

i never realised blog friends an be special. homey is my first blog friend, and i think she's gonna hold that special place forever! i do hope to meet her someday!

oh, and i've been meaning to tell u this - u i helped a colleague of mine with a job and she told me i was sweet and said i must be hearing that often from ppl...and i thot of u!! hee! hugs tara!!! :D :D

Cynic in Wonderland said...

meeting online friends IS kind of weird. you expect things and then you get something different. there is so much intensity online. and offline you have not even seen each other. so takes getting used to. im like you wonly i think. dont meet too many

Dard E Disco said...

some day I shall tell u, some mysteries always spur u on. And people's weddings are not the best time to meet them first time, especially if u are intimate friends otherwise..u know what I mean or am I still vague?

mindspace said...

@I Scribble here: the world indeed is full of strangers waiting to be met or to be known for the friendship to happen.. isnt it.. glad to made few here..

@Crafty: you thought of me :) really.. hugs to u too sweetheart :P , you are right, this fellow helped me with accounts etc and thats so sweet of him but guys generally hate being called sweet for any of their actions,,, u know.. we shall anyways call it sweet though!!

@Cynic: wierd.. dunno but when u have spoken to, seen pictures of and exchanged views via chat n all, there is not much left to be revealed in a meeting.. but then you never know.. still i am not sure why i have not met few of my friends inspite of getting good chance to do so. one such friends has delivered a baby girl lately.. n we being in delhi for 1 and a half years, didnt meet even once. i cant convince myself with a single reason but i am not complaining either. Its just the way I am. what to do?

@Bhawna: o'yes, I know what you mean, the couple hardly has time on their wedding day.. it could be quite an awkward place for first time meeting... i never thought of that either..

n u sa, someday u shall tell me? is there something more to it?

Solilo said...

Tara, this didn't show up on my reader and I almost missed it.

This is such a wonderful post. There was a time when I wasn't sure about virtual friends but now I believe that virtual friends are as real as the ones we have met personally. Good friends are good, no matter what.

Why didn't you go for the wedding?

Mridula said...

I understand lots of what you wrote. Particularly falling behind on keeping up, happens to me to so many times!

Mumbai Diva said...

i completely understand. I've had couple of tentative mails on meeting up from blogger friends. It does throw me into a tizzy. These meetings have not materialized. But honestly, i really don't know which i would prefer, keeping y'll virtual friends or actually meeting......