Monday, August 10, 2009

Happiness n the green luck ..

One of the flowers I see in abundance around here is plumeria/frangipani or champa. It has a nice fragrance and I love to keep a few flowers floating in water in the house. It leaves me smiling everytime i see them..

I had a plant of plumeria in our Delhi home but before it bloomed we had the relocation happening. One of the neighbors however were delighted to take that plant home. I hope its giving flowers by now.

I had written about this lucky bamboo that i got from a chinese market here, Dragon Mart. One of the stick started withering so i had to untie them and then I put them in a different vase. From the reading that i did on the net, i understand that if u want it to grow, it should be kept in dark.
Direct sunlight is not good for the lucky bamboo... So I moved it to the bathroom and there its growing nicely.. Every stick has got 2-3 shoots..

I recently took a picture of these bamboos and those flowers together, from a different angle.
You can call it the flickr effect ;)


Prashanti :) said...

Ohh the bamboo looks cool and I love the firangipani flowers. their heady fragrance on a summer evening is to die for !!!
I did not know the bamboo is supposed to be in the dar for it to grow. I am goona try that too. Thanks tara :)

Solilo said...

That Frangipani is beautiful and Bamboo decor looks really good.

Meira said...

sheesh! I wish I had an ounce of your aesthetic sense :(
This looks good

Mridula said...

Both look wonderful! I have a red Frangipani in the backyard along with the white one :D

Monika said...

that last pic is simply awesome

i had some lovely bamboos with lots of leaves which took a pride place in my house but they died 3 months back i hear these have a life of abt 3 yrs or so

Swaram said...

Wow!!!! Bamboo looks so gud! I luv champas too :) I hv some rose petals floating in an earthen vessel daily :) They add that extra beauty to the living room .. hai na :)

Passionate Goof said...

You really do have a green thumb tara. Very nice. Is it ok to leave plants in complete darkness? i didn't know. I tried keeping my money plant in the bathroom and it started wilting, so I immediately brought it out in light, and here it grew well.... maybe it works another way for bamboos. If i am ever stuck, i am definitely asking you for tips girl. How are the fishes doing?

Masood said...

Guess its about time that I visit your place!!!!

mindspace said...

@Prashanti: my pleasure dear. yes they do grow quicker and green in dark..

@Solilo: I have seen some lovely frangipanis on ur site too. and i loved the quote "WHY DO TWO COLORS, PUT ONE NEXT TO THE OTHER, SING". you keep changing the pictures there right?

@Meira: :) I am on my way to cloud 9 with that Meira.. I am hardly there too, just like making an effort though.

@Mridula: you seem to be living in a lovely place.. watermelon and these plants and nests with eggs in them.. wow!!!

@Monika: I am so happy you liked it.. I climbed some odd place to take the shot from top.. I so dearly love some pics on flickr that they inspire me to try..

Didn't know abt shelf life of 3 yrs for bamboos.. you must ask N to get u another set as gift :)

@Swaram: I would love the rose petals in an earthen vessel look.. pls post a pic.. we hardly see roses here, except for those at florists..

@Passionate Goof: I also think different plants have diff kind of needs for sunlight but money plant is good everywhere. We had kept it in a water jar in bathroom in our previous home & it was doing well.. there was no natural light coming in there. and it also does good in sunlight.. so am not sure of the reason when some leaves die.. i love money plants.. when i visit coffee shops here, the mini gardens in those pots tempt me to pluck one vine of it to be put in my empty olive oil bottle :D.. u know i am that crazy for greens :) more over, money plant is considered better stolen than bought ;) but i recently bought one in a hanging pot. My fish is doing good.. only one left though :(

@Masood: We have been waiting!!!! and btw, if you are finding ur inspiration for visiting us in these pics, they are of the bathroom :P

Crafty Shines said...

Those floating flowers look so so awesome!
we used to keep it in office, coz the AC wud make it very dry and a bowl of water is ideal...and we'd keep flowers and yeah, they make u smile na? :D

those bamboo shoots are exotic! i've not seen that wavy style before! we have one too! it was a gift and its grown so so tall, mom has to trim them now! :D

they look lovely! must to have greenery!! (coming from a girl stuck in concrete jungle..sigh)


Iya said...

u seem to have an amazing knack with these plants and home things.. i am sure ur house looks and feels very cozy

asit dhal said...

Frangipani and bambooo look awesome....I didn't kno that bamboo can be planted at home...


Harshika said...

Hey thanks Tara for your lovely comment. yeah, am still trying to get over my bday fiasco...but never mind. I love what you have done with the champa flowers. Ive got 2 of them in my garden currently altho not yet flowering, still small. I like those magenta flowers too. I live in springs and they are all over the side walk. Look like carnations, short fleshy stems..wonder if you know their name cos i wanna ask the gardener to get it for my garden. My plants arent doing too well realy. Just neglect on my part...all the asparagus is dead now...enjoyed ur new posts, so well written. Keep going...


Rush said...

yea banboo shoots are excellent in bathrooms, they dont require much light and grow easily.
liked ur idea of champa floating in bowls...thnks for stopping by!! lets get to know each other more frequently!!

BK Chowla said...

Bamboos are considered very lucky and must be placed in the house facing East.It brings in prosperity.

Anonymous said...

What's with all this greenery ???

mindspace said...

@Crafty: I also keep them to reduce the dryness plus it adds a lovely smell in the air.
you have a bamboo that is overgrown and mom needs to trim it? wow.. means a lot of luck there :) {{hugs}} n i love the abundance of green somehow :)

@Iya: Thanks Iya, I enjoy doing these kind of things around me when time permits.

@asit: These are called lucky bamboo but they aren't the real bamboos. their botanical name is Dracaena Sanderiana

@Harshika: I am glad you liked Harshi... having a garden in Dubai is ultimate luxury, isnt it.. Am sure you enjoy it most.

@Rush: Welcome here girl. blogs like yours are a dose of inspiration :) Keep posting!

@BK Chowla ji: placing a plant facing east!! now this has confused me utterly. i think a plant kept anywhere can be considered to be facing east.. i have never been able to understand this one.. however I have kept it in a corner such that if i look at it, i would be facing east.. now does this qualify as per feng shui?

@Rakesh: ha ha, what do you want to know Rakesh? first you please tell me that you love at least one of these pictures :D :D

Pixie said...

the bamboo flowers look awesome! :)

I wish I could do some gardening...

I kill weeds you know! that's how much of a green thumb I have!! :D

Anonymous said...

The bamboo looks good.
Very nice.

You know in Singapore/Malay custom, the frangipani is associated with pontianak. :)
A beautiful woman who always appears with the scent of the flower and then morphs into a vampire. I scared you na :)

James Missier said...

Those lucky bamboo are pretty but you must realise that they are not in their natural form. Soon those sprouts will grow tall and will make the spiral looking ugly.

My mum had 2 pcs of those and the roots started to sprout from those sprouts and the whole thing look so unbalanced.

You will also have a webby mass of red roots from the water container. It will fill up and may chock each other. Watch out if you find that happens as its a danger sign that the plant may die (branch rot) '

I suggest put some nice pebbles, that way the roots got something to support for good growth. This plant is not meant to be in water for longterm.

Also,it would be good to trim off the shoots when the get too long and maintain just one shoot per stalk. (there will be more shoots coming out from everywhere)

Later, you can keep the shoots and replant them in small pots (for spare plants)

Hope my comment is not too long. (hehehe)

I have updated my blog with the names of plants you wanted to know. Do let me know if I the plant names you are looking for is found there.

Aparna said...

Beautiful pictures.
I love plants in my house and had a terrace garden when I was in Delhi. Unfortunately my compact Bombay flat does not allow me to keep anything as there is no balcony.
The frangipani looked very pretty.

Suma said...

love those pics.

i've found myself a green expert who could help me in starting a balcony garden :)

Indyeah said...

I envy you for this:))

I dont have a green thumb at all like I mentioned before:)) and so al this green?bliss!:))

didnt know that these were frangipani flowers:) Sols told me a few days back when I called them daisies on her blog :D:D (dont look at me like that:P)

I LOVE the smell of champa and chameli:)
thats grangipani like you said and jasmine right?

The last pic is really nice:)

all that greenery..its so soothing to the eyes..

I am thinking of getting new plants for home..(and leaving the dekh rekh to dad:D coz he has a green thumb:D)

preeto said...


rocksea said...

i love plumeria and its smell!!

mindspace said...

@Pixie: Skill of killing weeds, HAHA.. then u must be "the most wanted" for many ppl :) n I love green even it is a weed.

@asaaan: hehe, I didn't know about pontianak ;) Horror thrills me .. but when i visit Singapore i will stay away from frangipani :P

@Thanks James, I have done certain changes in their positioning. your advice is much appreciated.I do have pebbles in that glass pot but with water.

@Aparna: Welcome Aparna, happy to see your comment :-) I know what you mean, I have been in Delhi as well as Mumbai...

@Suma: Sure Suma, at least I can tell you about a place you can find loads of nice plants for your balcony at the best prices so lemme know when you are ready..

@Indyeah: dont be envious Abhi, at least you are in a place where soul is available in abundance.. I have to shell out hundereds for that here and I do manage to kill some plants here and there :(

Even I didnt know Champa is called frangipani also.. hehe but daisy :P no no, i wont laugh. you are so sweet for that.

Yes, please do get a flower and present it to your dad :) me sure he would love it.

@preeto: Hey welcome here. I love your name.

@rocksea: I agree.. Welcome to mindspace :)

Anonymous said...

champa smells nice.. even thot its tree isnt exactly impressive.. its rather short and unimpressive in shape,if u ask me.. but the flowers more than make up for it.
dint know the bamboo cant be kept in the sunlight.. we have ppl at office who keep these (smaller version) on their desks and i used to always wonder how they dont wither away from lack of sunshine!!

Smitha said...

The flowers are beautiful! I used to do it too.. and floating candles in winter :) Now, am forced to keep all of it away - thanks to daughter :)

The bamboo looks amazing!

hitch writer said...

gooood pics for a change... !!!!!!! finally you learnt from me.. eh..


Patricia Torres said...

OH.. I love all this... You've got such a lovely blog.. and you write very well... I am super impressed!! Happy Blogging... cant wait to read / see more!

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