Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Miss you motey..

Thats what I call him. My day started with his call today morning, wishing on rakhi and telling me he got both the sister's rakhi just on time this year. And he also told me of the seviyan mom has made..
I went straight into the kitchen and got ourselves seviyan made too :) And that was our rakhi celebration.. :)

This is our last yrs rakhi plate, there are letters, fruit, tulsi leaves, local chocolate of kumaun along with the usual stuff. There is my rakhi, all those recd in post and the janeu which these guys are supposed to change today as they have had their thread ceremony done. So it has amit's and manu's.

Sometime festivals make new memories and at times they bring in nostalgic moments. I have a super stiff neck today which is limiting my movements so all I can do is sit and think and smile in memory of times spent together and maybe shed a tear or two in between..

Today is our 3rd rakhi after I got married. Dont remember much of the first one, last year we were together- infact were coming back from our memorable valley of flowers trip together and this year I did an online order for a rakhi set with kaju katlis that were delivered to him a day in advance.

I wonder at how time changes. How we celebrate relationships may also change. Things I once took for granted to be around me are being missed today. But my love for my bro will never change. If at all, it will only increase.

Bless u manu, the menace.. plan your trip here soon for my list is ready :D

Edited to add seviyan pic :) for the likes of dhiren-rakesh-masood and all those who would like to drool over it.


Masood said...

Happy Rakhi..

Chalo one Ferrari for you...just to cheer you up!

What you said about relationship changing is so true...

Swaram said...

Happy festival Tara :)

Lovely kheer n that pic in which the Rakhi is arranged - beautiful!

We nw stay far from near n dear ones; glad that the love hs remained the same :)

U been to valley of flowers!! Gr8 place na ;) Nw, am officially jealous of u :P

Anonymous said...

I want some Sevaiyannnnnnnnn....


Btw, I saw an ad of Gits Rasmalai yesterday and just nudged her.

I think my wife is making 'Rasmalai' today for ME (and her brother) :D

Lyddie said...

Nice post. It is good to know that tradition is kept alive altough in a different way. My sincere best wishes !!! and dont be sad...;-)

Mridula said...

Both of you are lucky.

Prashanti :) said...

I waaaaant seviyan and I waaaaant a brother too :( :( :(

Prashanti :) said...

And the rakhi plate looks beautiful !!!

Solilo said...

Kheer looks yum and that Rakhi plate looks good.

You missing your brother, na? Hugs.

I called my brother this morning and wished him and reminisced our growing up years.

Yes Tara! Time change, we change but you know the love and affection it remains.

BK Chowla said...

I can not comment on Sawainyan,but I am still of the opinion that Indian festivals,culture and relationships have a lot of importanceI hope we will continue so.

Masood said...

oh we talkin!!!!

any leftovers??? ;)

btw, get well soon! :)

Masood said...

err..i we talkin!

Meira said...

me me, add my name to the drool list :D. It sure looks deliciously yummy!

Meira said...

lovely blog...:)

Monika said...

awww that is such a lovely post... home is always missed the most on festivals


Anonymous said...

What do you use the tulsi for?

Distance makes the heart grow finder. Thats what I tell myself when I start missing my sisters :)

mindspace said...

@Masood: i dont need ferrari after listening to all jokes abt someone having ferrari out there :P

@Swaram: Hey happy festival to you too and happy celebrations for the special day too..
lol @ u being officially J of me :) but u can ask me whenever u would like to plan a trip there..

@Rakesh: I loved its cold version more than when it was hot... :D Hope u had a great dessert as rasmalai.. i love that tooo.

@Lyddie: Thanks sweety..

@Mridula: touch wood, for whatever reason you say we are lucky, i share the feeling too..

@Prashanti: Ok lets seal the deal. u get seviyan on the bean bag whenever u come home.. :) lemme arrange for a BHAI for u too so tell me when u coming ;)

@Solilo: you liked it? i am happy :) yes i missed my bachpan and the family a lot that day.. was almost sulking the whole day, also coz of the stiff neck.. which is better now (how will it not when the husband takes an off and does all good things for me)

@BK Chowlaji: wondering why you say that you cannot comment on sewaiyan...

@Hey Masood, seviyan plate brought u back haan :) u know the day i made it, i thought of asking amit to come home with you.. coz i made extra.. but he must have planned to have it all by himself :P/// so lets blame it on him. I am almost okay now.. slept for a big part of the day and all sleepless now so the comment replies at ths odd time.. so when are u guys coming over?????

@Meira: Welcome here Meira, and thanks for such nice words :)

@Monika: hugs back to you too girl.. u are right.. home is always missed the MOST on festivals..

@asaaan: Before tying rakhi u are supposed to do aarti of your brother. Diya, flower, tikka etc are the essentials for aarti. Since i dint have flower, i plucked few holy tulsi leaves instead :)

here i 'm said...

Oh... I know the feeling.
This was third time that me and my bro hand to do with 'long distance raki' :(

Crafty Shines said...


so much bro-sis wala love, i am feeling a bit dejected me no got any bros....gee.....

touchwood tara! many wishes to u n ur brother! :) hugs!!!!

and why only masood hitchy n rakesh get to drool???? why can't i drool????

yeh discrimanation hai kya???

*crafty is unconsolable.....tara has to dish out extra hugs*

:D :P

Anonymous said...

@Crafty: Report to IHM!

Crafty Shines said...

@ Rakesh: TEE HEE HEE!!! soooper idea that was!!!!!

@ Tara: SHIFT TO WP!!!!! :D

*crafty scuttles away to tell Tara's name to IHM*

heheheheh :P

Suma said...

we miss home the most on festivals, nah?

the seviyaan looks yummy :)

mindspace said...

@here i 'm (Purvi ?): Hello there! and welcome here. is the culprit marriage in your case too? and hey, they place u thought is delhi is dubai.

& thanks for so many wishes :-)
:D why WP? I am technically lazy to do the shifting of blog,, as if physical shifting of abode 7 times in 2 yrs wasn't enough...

n dahling , the pic was for all u lovelies.. i only named a few for some of them were forever cribbing about pics..

*Tara hoping that crafty has forgotten the idea of reporting to IHM

@Rakesh: Bhalai ka zamana nathi che !!! no photos for u here onwards :D

@Suma: yes we do, hows your hunt going on lady?

Indyeah said...

Tara I read this post today and it made me nostalgic...
now one bro of mine is away from home and the other one will be going away too:(
I miss those rakhi days and other fun days when all three of us would have so much fun!!

motey?:D:D I can SO understand that nickname:D:D
I call my bros..ah! well let it be..:D they will kill me if they ever find out I shared :D:D

both the pics are JUST LIKE what we have here:) seviyaan?:D yummy! I love them:))

*touchwood*for both of you:)))


the bro-sis bond is soo very special:))