Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The latest craze..

baking and taking pics.
There is a lot of experimentation that one can do and the results are good to cheer your mood up..

I was finding it difficult to resist eating the banana cinnamom cake up(yes! I made that), slice by slice so thought of blogging to keep the mind diverted. The thing is I generally end up skiping lunch as eating alone and at times cooking for just self is quite discouraging or plain boring.. so when i liked the cake that i made today, the hunger cells raised their heads tall up.. and I merrily ate quite a bit of it.

So here I am, having eaten a qtr of the cake already :P and sharing pics of 2 of my latest baking experiments.

I read a recipe "nutty banana bread" and modified it today to make the banana cinnamon cake using brown sugar!

Honey-Raisin Bread baked a week ago, using this recipe

When I told Amit that this bread has a lowest fat content i.e no oil, no butter, no sugar, no maida and only egg whites, his expressions were of "should i even taste it??" but he said its tasting as good as cake and we ate up all that you can see in the above pic. & then I had to cook no dinner :-)

PS: Edited to add a closer look of Dhiren's share. I have only started baking... can;t afford his bad nazar :P

But Dhiren, pls watch ur drool.. the kepboard is floating already :D


hitch writer said...

the pics looks drooolworthy !!!!!!!!

where is my cake !!!!! my share ??????

hitch writer said...

the first one is really looking deadly tasty !!!!! do drop a few crumbs... or else meri nazar lag jaayengi !!!!

Masood said...


me stopping by on my way back home for a piece!!

Dhiren, do you want me to eat your share too??? ;)

Smitha said...

Tara, Yummy!

I am so drooling over these!

I love banana cinnamon cake! I love cinnamon in cake :)

The honey raisin bread sounds so cool! really healthy! Will try it out next time I bake :)

Monika said...

yummy yummy yuum

I love baking too pls mail me the rec of the honey raisin bread ;)

asit dhal said...

my mouth is salivating....

Mridula said...

This should be called torturing the readers :D

Delicious pictures.

Rush said...

please post the recipe for banana cinnamon cake..pleease!!

Swaram said...

Yum :P

I hv forgotten that I hv had my dinner just some time before and am droooooolingggggggggg ;)

Solilo said...

Tara, my laptop is flooded. :D :d Can I come over? Yummmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Yummy, the cake and some chai sounds heavenly!

Anonymous said...

Acha listen, can I send DHL on a collect parcel???


Meira said...

oooooooooo..lucky Dhiren:P
But they do look so tempting! How can you resist not eating them?:P

Miss M said...

Oh wow.
The cake simply looks delicious.

Like Asaaan said, the cake and some chai would be just awesome!

First time here. :)

Iya said...

oh man, looking at ur blog will make me gain weight!!

mindspace said...

@Dhiren: ty ty ty for the praises :) see you got yourself a slice at the end of the post... hope you enjoyed it eating as much as i enjoyed it, baking!!
& I hope ab nazar nahi lagegi :P

@Masood: Did you like it:-? be honest and i like critics too :D

@Smitha: Glad you liked it Smi, my love for cinnamon comes from Cinnabon :)

@Monika ;) I was smiling at your email reply to my email :D you are very sweet!!

@asit: :)I take that as compliment.. thanks..

@Mridula: hehe, should i change the title then ;)

@Rush: Click on the last line/link of the post. I edited that for you :) hope you like it, Lemme know when u try.

@Swaram: A slice after dinner will fit in just anywhere Swaram.. pliss to have it and tell me how it was..

@Solilo: :D tum bhi? or the way its said normally on blogs - Et tu Solzzz :P... come over, anytime :-)

@asaaan: hmmm sure, I will go get my mug full of coffee

@Rakesh: You decide Rakesh. 1, its perishable and 2, just few pieces left..
hurry!!!!!!!!! offer valid till the stock lasts :)

@Meira: hey u can also drool over it... and maybe I am exaggerating about it. After all I made it, I am an amateur baker and except me, only pati has tasted it so far.. so i am still wanting to know how it was :)

@Welcome Miss M!! Thanks for leaving a lovely comment :)
*Tara goes to make tea and welcomes M with some cake and garam chai ki pyali!!!
Hope you like it M,

mindspace said...

@Iya: But you can knock it off by doing 5 extra laps girl... :)

Shalini said...

Looks great! I'm baking this right now actually :-)

Glad you tried out the Honey Raisin bread. We like to toast it for a bit of crunch :-)

Pins N Ashes said...

mouthwatering....droool drooooool...especially the banana cake.... looks yummy and tastes yummy too, just know by the way it looks..... hungry, give me your address, will be there the next time you bake!!


Anonymous said...

What torture man!! Why post such pics why?? drool drool

Miss M said...

Such a warm welcome! :)

I am definitely sticking around.

Passionate Goof said...

Oh! Tara, why are you not inviting me over for a piece? This is really mean I tell you. And even baking bread, wow! I am totally blown away by both, they look sooooooooooo delicious girl.

Passionate Goof said...

Oh! Tara, why are you not inviting me over for a piece? This is really mean I tell you. And even baking bread, wow! I am totally blown away by both, they look sooooooooooo delicious girl.

Suma said...


its tempting me to try it :)

Masood said...

The cake was awesome Tara. Perfectly made actually. But just one song comes to mind..

cheeni kum hai cheeni kum hai...kum kum...hai kum kum...


wha? me just singing a song re...

Reflections said...

They both look so good Tara...& the 2nd cake sounds unbelievable;-o.

p.s: went 2 ur food blog with gr8 expectations & found tht u havent put up anything yet;-(

mandira said...

welcome to the club.baking n taking pics has been a matter of interest for a fairly long time for ur's truly.:)
both ur creations look good!:) here let me do kaala tikka to ward off any buri nazar.

mindspace said...

I just noticed I missed replying so many of your comments.. can I say sorry and reply now?.. i think i will do that :)

@Shalini: thank you dear.. and hope your banana bread turned out well. hope to see it on flickr :) someday.

@ Pins N Ashes: welcome Ash.. that was a sweet note you left :) see you again!

@ partywithneha: simply to make you drool girl.

@ Miss M: I was smiling at this comment, and am looking to see u visit my new abode :)

@Passionate Goof: such praise coming from a great baker herself!! makes my day.. I would love exchanging our baked goodies some day..

@ Suma: Now that you move to your house and have the shipment also.. you must try one day..

@ Masood: I know what you mean masood. less sweet na, i did that purposely.. infact i was trying to make a bread but it turned out more like cake..

@ Reflections said...
Thanks Nancy.. my affair with baking started with cookies when i saw them on your blog :)
wanted to have a separate blog for cooking but ran short of enthusiasm even before beginning :P

@ Mandira: Thank you Dear. I have been visiting your site too for simple and tempting recipes. said... :) kala tikka, so sweet.

SriLekha said...

wow! lovely cake!
do visit my blog when you find time!