Monday, November 17, 2008


I am yet to get engaged to the person i am married to, for little over 1.5 years now; as in the ring ceremony didnt happen between us. his parents met mine and a word of mouth was all that happened to mark the match fixing :)

and this gives me yet another reason to complain and to nag him, i will not stop untill i get a beautiful ring to adron my not so beautiful finger (r u reading this mr pant?)

I did get a ring, unofficially though, on his bday! here are some moments from a day filled with lovely memories-
i still remember
10th Dec 2006, a Sunday
i flew down to bangalore, actually got late buying him some flowers
had to request at the airport to be allowed to get boarding pass :(
but i think the flowers in my hand helped get in...

amit greeted me with a smile at the airport and we then had our first bike ride on his thunderbird.
we stopped at a Shiva temple located on the airport road just behind kemp fort spent some calm moments sitting in front of the huge, 65 feet statue of the lord and again got back on the bike, went to amits office. 
i hope he liked all those small gifts i had collected for him. i actually wanted to get as many for all his missed bdays but never mind!
we roamed around some nice roads.. but since amits mom was waiting at home with lunch ready, we had to go home. Amit and his genuine sounding lies. we got some more time quoting temple visit as an excuse. picking up a cake on the way, we reached home at around 3. cake cutting, b'day wishes, some pics and lunch. then we sat down together for some time, not even for a sec did i feel i was with my would be MIL
so sweet and warm!
the cherry on the cake was a song sung by Sumit, Amits younger bro. 
that was just so sweet.
i got some gifts from my MIL and then was the time to leave...
O' how could I not mention another sweet lady - Ms Lavanya Aunty
Amits neighbour and almost like his mom. love u aunty and love the story of shaikh mehboob!
on our way back to airport, it drizzled, thats y i love blr ;)
and i came back to mumbai the same day..
having spent around 6 hours with a handsome biker.

but hey i started this blog thinking abt engagement... 
am I done talking abt that?
no, not yet..
there is a funny thing related to RING that happened on our wedding
I did get a ring before the actual wedding
then y am i cribbing.. 
boss! its because it was sumit who put the ring in my finger :| 
i didnt knw how to react, 
dont knw abt sumit, bt i was embarrased for sure, at this strange ritual i wasnt aware of!
and later whenever we think of that it brings a smile on :)

Sad that this bday i might not be there with him:(


Masood said...

Interesting!!!! Running down memory lane, eh?

I remember that ritual where Sumit 'rings' you (can 'rings' be even used in this context?). Some rituals are fun to laugh about later in life. hehe

Ravi Agarwal said...

hi tb ... visiting ur blog after ages but the freshness thats your hallmark is still intact ... great writing, great thinking and great memories ... all going in for making a great post .. the affection and warmth that you have for amit really does shine thru .. keep writing ..