Saturday, November 29, 2008

My old blog posts...

Writing has always been a therapy for me. 

It started with maintaining my diary which was difficult as i didnt want them to be read by anyone but always feared someone will find it & (as if others had nothing better to do) be interested in reading them. 

Later I graduated to MS Word & would ensure i password protect them. I usually write abt my feelings or reactions to situations.

Then I got introduced to the world of blogging.. and sometime in early 2006 I posted my first...

My first innings didnt last for more than these two posts.. n now i am here again! hope to continue with this passion of mine and improvise on it as the time passes.

if you pass by reading, might as well leave some comments as I am eager to read them.

Thank you :)


ano said...

hi..the //maintaining diary -didnt want them to be read by anyone-feared someone will find it//
quite the same here too...n blogging replaced the diaries..!havn't written much regularly though...and now hav got omlya photo blog going..and blog hopping on random...
just thot i'd drop in a comment...!
happy blogging:)

Anonymous said...

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