Sunday, December 7, 2008

Working for 7 Years!!

I often have random conversations with myself. like all of us do perhaps. and I am very passionate about my work plus workplace.

I am posting one such conversation that i had few months ago (In Aug'08).

After learning to walk and eat, and student life of 16 yrs, I jumped into my first job! my objective was to earn, financial independence as well as knowledge of the things out there. A thought just crosses my mind right now as i sit in office having nothing more important to do - a thought that I will complete 7 working yrs in this Oct, on 10th Oct 08 to be precise. The first day at work with anxiety and excitement is still so fresh in the memory..

Being attached to one single company gives a high. Moved into 5 different roles broadly, growing richer in terms of learning, experience & in the literal sense J as well. I am happy. I have gone places, met & befriended so many ppl, done number of things to my contentment – all while being associated with this one employer and I think I would not be what I am today if not for this professional stint. Wherever I am, it just takes one sight of this bank’s logo to make me jump like a kid with exhilaration, it gives me something like a swish of cool breeze & I can’t control telling “Hey – that’s my bank” to whoever is around me. Having said that, should this single & so beautiful life we get be spent in the corporate jungle? I am now feeling the need to think ‘what next?’ Not clear in my mind as to what I would rather do but signals are strong enough that it’s got to be something diff from what I have done for last 7 years.

Before you think i was bored or not happy with the job and was thinking abt sitting at home or being a mom plus homemaker– you are wrong! Sitting at home is what I wanted to do at one time, after getting married- so that I could enjoy learning & making home. But now I have learnt the art to do it along with my work & I  am enjoying the combo too.

The nature of work however needs a facelift or revamping… It’s a journey but the thinking & evaluation needs to be done consciously now to steer my gears gradually.

& Now I am almost at the end of my stint with this org. I am so eager to see how it feels and at the same time I have a part of me is also worried abt what if i miss my working days here! anyways, looking forward :)

This one, for memory!


Masood said...

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mindspace said...

:) thank you and thank you also for being a regular visitor who doesn't hesitate in leaving comments :)