Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bloggers galore..

Today I didnt go to the hospital. And owing to my block leave at work, i had ample of time to myself. Mom had asked me to visit the doc to chk why my right hand fingers hv this tingling feeling but since the doc last time suggested that i do neck n shoulder exercises along with some nerve boosting vitamins which i am doing already, i skipped the visit. 

Smitten by the blogging bug of late, I was completely into reading some indian blogs on varied subjects today. And it amazes me to see the creativity - both in writing as well as designing the blogs. And to add to this, some bloggers put these interesting widgets (links, info, codes etc) on their sites. I really dont know where to get them from and neither am I a coder to do it myself :(

Amit's friend and colleague who is a wonderful blogger himself helped me with putting a simple but interesting website hit counter on my blog. He is the one who gave me my first and only award in this blog arena, "The Butterfly Award". Thank you dude :). I am yet to figure out how to follow the rules of blog award & will learn that n follow them soon. I also added some quiz results to my page today. It was fun - click on the pic that best describes ur answer to a question and the quiz result reveals something about you. Try for yourself here. I had taken such tests online earlier as well but this time i was interested in getting these codes to put them on my blog.. 

ok so i was browsing through these blog posts today n while doing so was enjoying their writing style. I noticed many similarities between me n few of them; the difference being - they could so very well put their stories into words and i still struggle.. but the best part is I enjoyed reading them so i think blogging definitely is gonna be my cherished zone for now...

PS: I blogrolled you coz i liked ur page n would love to visit u often, hopefully you dont mind! 


Masood said...

Btw, you are supposed to display that award on your blog! How will people know that you were awarded?

mindspace said...

yesss,, i managed doing that as well. n pls take notice that the color goes well with my blog template .. thnku again..
the second rule of blog award is to pass it on. but 1-i dont hv many blog friends known for long enough to pass it on to, 2-most of the ppl i blog rolled recently have already been awarded with this. so i shall keep it for some time in future... wat say?