Thursday, December 25, 2008

Forgetful me, wishing everyone Merry X'Mas

Remembering my atm pin is always painful but if I keep withdrawing regularly, if not me, my fingers remember the code. Recently when I tried twice and it didn’t work I was like WTH.. I wish I had stored it at a place I could refer to easily.. I visited the branch to sort this. The lady at the counter suggested that I try again today at the most twice before it would get blocked, but it didn’t allow me more than once and this time also my fingers entered wrong pin.

So I had to place a request for new cheque book over the counter and make a withdrawal.. Forgot the pin coz I had not used it for long :p saving money? huh! let me not talk abt that right now.


What bugged me even more was me forgetting my office login password today. Am on leave these days and in the evening when I was passing by my office, I thought of meeting my colleagues there n checking the emails. And there I was, yet again, with forgetful set of fingers. how could I??? how cound I forget the password I was keying in every morning... Mom says calm down... meditate... don’t think too much...

So this Xmas I am not going to think of anything and just relax! & before i forget wishing u, here I go...


Merry X'mas and May Santa get you the most sought after goodie for you while what I want is a healthy decent memory for myself.

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