Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Love in abundance...

If you are looking for anything related fitness products/cycles in Delhi, head for Jhandewalan Cycle Market near karol bagh. That is where we got our treadmill(TM) from, a gift to my sweetheart with love and some ambitious(over) motives. While I dont remember the power specifications, it was a sportrack's motorised model with power incline, 7 preset programs and came with a digital weighing machine(WM) free alongwith it which makes a great combo - allows you to keep a regular check on the impact of whatever little running you do. Under other normal circumstances, its cost would have brunt a big hole in my wallet but when in love, it doesnt actually count or matter.

We both started with full enthusiasm as we did have time owing to our different work timings then. Some encouragement also came in from my sister in law who is a freak herself and is in best of shapes. Everyone visiting us would be impressed and would not leave without burning few calories on it, be it Kharbanda aunty(ur landlady) or Amit's Delhi wali buaji, our cousins or my 4 yr old nephew for that matter. One of the regular rituals while at home would include each one in the family standing on the WM in turns and if the count is nowhere near the expected one(which was the case with most of them), give genuine reasons for that. 

Inspite of our health concious breakfasts and thoughtful gifting of TM, we both gained some kilos after marriage. They say its sign of prosperity and count of love ur spouse showers on u. so happy we are! 

When not in use as in proper use, we used to spread our towels/jeans on it for drying making full use of it.
Most of the episodes of Akshay Kumar's "Khatro ke khiladi" were watched while running and each one of us inspired the other to take out some time at least few days a wk for it but since the wgt meter went higher instead of coming down, it was labled ineffective. Even the WM was called faulty by your's truely, who else but mr pant! the biggest mystery to him has been the different wgt gaining tendencies of ours inspite of the fact that both of us have more or less the same diet (yes, he doesnt each much actually).

now when i neither have him not the TM around, i love recalling those olden days.. and many more incidents linked to this subject. like the squash, badminton and swimming sessions in the sports club with Sachin, like who is Sachin?, like where is the TM now & y? like the story of spending 1k dhms on the very first night of landing in dubai, like the tiny bottle with a funny sumo's pic on it and some little hopes inside, like the atkin's diet program of someone, and like someone's smiling teeth whenever he would hear this- "hey u seem to have reduced" and the droopy face when the stupid WM doesnt quite support that.

Lazy bums but love in abundance!! that sums it up. 
and hey this one was on special request as amit was asking me if i have any new blog posts.. & nothing else comes to my mind when he is not around!

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Masood said...

Lovely post. Brought a smile on my face. Just one questios:

Where is the TM? ;)