Monday, December 22, 2008

O'Fisshhhhh !!

Allora! This is a latest addition to my bag of words. Courtesy Amit, who just got back from a fun filled trip training program with his international colleagues in Dublin(more on that later sometime). Today I greet you with Allora, which as per my pati, in Italian, means 'come on'.. so, allora! into my little world of cooking experiences. 

I am not a kitchen kitchen person. Neither do I live to eat. But there are times when I feel passionate about cooking. And this is going to be my first post on one of such days. 

While blog browsing last week, I read a fish recipe and since I love fish(live as well as cooked), I thought to myself 'why not experiment' on fish - if it turns out well, good! else its only me who will get to know. And the fact that my mom tasted and had a full piece of it especially when she has left non veg by choice, it meant a reward yday.

I had bought just 3 pieces of rohu from the local fishwala to try my hand and my plan was – I will taste one before mom is back form hospital, have the second with dinner and since mom anyways wont have it, will take the 3rd for dad to taste the next day n earn few praises. (u can imagine what a strategist I could be even in smallest of matters). Pa, come home soon, we’ll cook one full fish for you :) ye! what a motivation to recover fast.

I am posting one pic here, just for you :D, and the recipe is customised to my imagination n out of whatever I could find in mom/Manu’s kitchen.

Marinated the fish with turmeric and salt for 15 min (wanted to add curd but wasn’t handy)

Heat mustard oil in the kadai and put a split chilli & let it sputter,

Then I put mustard n cumin seeds plus a hint of heeng for flavour,

Put 2 whole pieces of garlic and 1 finely chopped onion,

When the onion gets brown, add turmeric, salt, some garam masala.

Further, add one chopped tomato and stir it till it starts leaving oil.

Now add water to make the gravy and let it come to boil.

While doing the above, simultaneously fry the fish on tawa with little oil and keep aside. 

Once the curry is done and fish is also fried, put it gently into the kadai and let it cook on full flame for 5 min.

I didn’t have coriander leaves @ home, else, garnishing is a must must for me.

With this, its ready to be savoured.

Amit darling, u missed it boy! I(mean me?) did quickly call to tell him this :)


amit pant said...

apne muh miyan mittu ...meri bibi ke keya kehne ...

mindspace said...

my dear! there is not one sentence in the entire blog praising what i cooked :( :(
but u did miss it - whatsoever.. good bad or UGLY!!!!!