Sunday, December 28, 2008


I loved this post i read yday. It has a link to the vedio of some heart-rendering words spoken by this blogger on her grandpa's funeral. Her journey with him sounded so perfect and so ideal and wonderful. It reminded me of my own though i dont have any memory of similar moments associated with them. coz I hardly got to stay with them. 

The only time i remember having spent with them is of 
  1. summer vacations, when we used to visit them and the villages of bageshwar n garur in uttaranchal. we used to get some interesting peek-a-boo into their young days thru their intriguing tales of the fun, horror, hardships, festivals, rituals, relatives etc but those were short whiles full of love and pampering from them and would end with episodes of crying while coming back. they may forget to take medicines after meal OR forget where they kept their dental set or keys but had an amazing memory to remember everything about x's son's wife's brother's mother's daughter's husband's father :) ... u can try joining the dots to understand this relation & if u guess it right, u win a gift!
  2. my amma (thats how i call my daadi) was against short hair for girls so my small pony tail used to be a victim of her odd comparisons with various animal tails and I obviously getting upset, used to go sit at the edge of the nearby hill overlooking a river, wondering why she does that to me. She now has given up on us and lets us be.
  3. my sisters wedding was the first wedding in our generation and my naani's happiness had no bounds. Inspite of her round shape she danced till she got drop dead tired but only in front of we three (mom, me n di) n i cherish that moment even now; she sadly didnt survive till mine. I still remember the huge collection of cotton sarees she had, which she threw open to her daughters to choose from, everytime we visited her. for us, she had mishri( a common uttaranchali local sweet thing) available all the time.
  4. most of the memories are of times when we were in school. of times after that, i am trying but cant rememer much..because then we used to meet rarely, for some function or similar event and they are much of quiet ppl with us kids(for them we always remain that ...isnt it). I know their wishes are always with us but maybe I didnt share a great rapport with them and when i see some of my friends being too close to their grandparents or when i read abt that post, i miss having such bond with mine as well. 
maybe my way of thinking and reacting is not what will keep me close to elder generations..take for example my dad, not that he or me love each other any less but something is amiss. My dad is home(from his 2 month stay in hospital) and since i happen to be in mumbai with them for my final days at work in India and most importantly to be with them till he gets better; he is hating(maybe this is a strong word to be used) me for the time i spend with my laptop... so much so that i feel like running away from them..... :|


rahul said...

u r simply awsome in ur expression...i really dnt know u very well bt i can say u r very humourous.we hav had talked earlier bt i m really impressed by ur imagination.hav a gud time ahead.

Anonymous said...

u are so cute, u know that?

i loved the:

"I obviously getting upset, used to go sit at the edge of the nearby hill overlooking a river, wondering why she does that to me"

:)) i can imagine you doing that after reading your other posts as well. there is an unmistakable vivaciousness in your writing that definitely is an indication of how you are in real life. :) keep up the energy, tara ... and may you always be happy.