Thursday, November 27, 2008

To Di, with Love...

To Di with love, 

Di, thinking of you
with love on your birthday
and wishing you
everything that brings
you happiness
today and always!

Happy Birthday to you
& hope your day was special
just like you!

beginning with a confession!
When kids, you take things in a different stride. I was born between my elder sister and a younger brother so I felt sandwiched between them. Di being the first child was special to everyone and manu being the youngest (i would add the fact of his being a boy- when i wanted to feel even more frustrated) was the most pampered one; this was my complaint, but today, all of that sounds v silly though innocent. Its not even relevant to comment whether that was right or wrong.. 
Di was most of the times more sensible than us and we hated when she told us wat to do & what not to. manu and me would therefore gang up against her and make our own plans to corner her whenever possible. Somewhere we still wanted to be like her and follow her in whatever she does, to the extent that we wanted to join her friends when they went out for playing or for picnic- which i guess she never liked.
She had lotsa friends and she was always more creative. Her bday parties were grand, she was highly appreciated by mom's friends also. We could hardly find anything to criticize her. me and di would fight on wanting the same cloths and shoes and hair clip and banlges since we had common sizes and I would like to believe that most of the time it was me who would give up and let it be. I used to pray- "hey god pls arrange to send one of us to hostel so we stay peacefully." but neither of us ever went anywhere.
how come she always does the right thing???????? huh.. I had to share a room with her so the news of her marriage should be the best news but once she got married, i didnt go to that room for months to sleep. Then i realised how much i was missing her and I think i will always admire her. Now i wish to get some time together to catch up on all those moments.. hope god listens this time around!

This post is dedicated to my darling sister, who not being a comp comp person unlike me, am sure would never read this unless I force her to. yday was her bday and I thought of making ths confession. And being good to her, I am not going to reveal her age :)

Love u di.. Cheers!

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