Monday, November 10, 2008

on the way to work

How Raj Thackeray’s act in Mumbai has impacted lives of Marathi ppl staying in other parts of the country, why it is better to study in CBSC & not in ICSE, how important it is for mothers to know their act before they start teaching that to their kid, how the priorities change after the kid comes into your live, which street should one go in order to buy that particular kind of dress, wats the earliest age a child can start to learn swimming and the story line of some latest releases. all this and much more. an hour in the Mumbai local train's ladies compartment(first class to be precise) and your awareness on all the worldly subjects gets better. 


having slept at 1 am after that long distance call :) and a game on computer last night, I slept like a log until late in morning only to be woken up by the banging on door... the clock showed 8 am and I usually have to leave for office at 7.30 to be able to reach office on time. so I was late! I rushed thru things to catch a rick to the station. There wasn’t any time for brkfast either but thankfully I reached only a little late after spending one informative hour in the fast train.


Some more conversations (overhearing is bad I know but it was way to loud to ignore) while coming back after a not so eventful day at work. This lady standing next to me was not bothered if her shrieking loud conversation was disturbing the fellow travellers. It seemed like her husband or whoever she was talking to had given funds to this friend of his, for some start-up which wasn’t successful even after 2 years and he therefore wasn’t able to return their money. Even though this lady was trying to be as sweet to that person as possible, she made her point clear with a pinch of sarcasm- she wanted the money back, by this way or that.


But why was she discussing this so loudly in the train???? 

This is life in Mumbai locals fou u../


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Ravi Agarwal said...

again a reflective post .... very much like you .... good observation skills and even better writing skills ... keep observing and delighting