Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Choose one..

A month's job to cover for someone going on marriage leave. High point being the same premise as husband and other things like nature of job, money etc hardly matter primarily coz its kind of a short assignment at a time when I have all the time to take it on.

Except for one thing. Coincidently, there is a 10 days retreat falling right in the middle of this one month. High point is that I had been wanting to experience something of the sort(basically AOL kinds) for a long long time but due to scarcity of time, job etc could never find an opportunity. This one is a 10 day vipassana camp. Vipassana means to see things as they are and is one of the India's most ancient techniques of meditation. What do you think I should choose?

n here's the arrangement I have on my table today. The pleasant fragrance of the white ones is filled in the room and it has a lovely mesmeric charm...

Edited to remove one of the two pics. The one clicked with flash is better someone says :)


Masood said...

I like the first pic better.

And Vipassana :)

Iya said...

Vipassna.. i have done something on similar lines.. it was called the Moral Re Armament. its a 3 day thnigy.. did it as part of my b-school curriculum.. awesome experience..

and the flower arrangement is beautiful

Crafty Shines said...

First pic! Looks lovely!!
And Vipassana! sounds so relaxing!
i wanna go too! :( work scene is so bad, even if i die, i'll have to work from my scope of a leave :|

amit said...

Earn 1 month salary in dirhams go to India and do spa vipasana in Kerala resort
as 1 Dh = 13.5 Rs

Anonymous said...

I dont know what to pic.. I hate work and meditation !

lol... no help from me !

Reflections said...

Yeah listen to amit;-D

Aradhana said...

That is a beautiful arrangement, the white flowers are so soothing and the red and creamy yellow is just perfect!

Deepika M said...

Some of my friends have done Vipassana and I have seen them takin an absolute control over their mind...! I sure wanna do it some day..but maybe that day hasnt arrived yet for me..! {cant sit at one place for a minute...where on earth...will I meditate without havving my mind run all over the place} LOL

Deepika M said...

oooo forgot to mention..luvvv that arrangement there...! Its soo refreshing!

mindspace said...

@Masood: Thanks, I deleted the other pic :) n I wish both the things were timed such that i could do both.. :)

@Iya: :) I am loving these flower arrangements too. there are so many colors available. & lets see how is my experience.. will share.

@CS: I can understand, all the while when i was working i couldnt do these things for exactly the same reasons...

@Amit: selective hearing problem here :)

@Dhiren: lets see what others say.

@Nancy: I am not even acknowledging what he said :P

@Aradhana: Hey welcome here and glad you liked the arrangement.

@Deepika: Ya, I have heard a lot about such retreats. I must give it a try now that I have time and I can sit quiet too.. There is nothing to loose while all our friends are teasing me at the mention of me going for this 10 day residential course where any sort of communication would be prohibited.
lemme come back and share more.