Saturday, April 18, 2009

An IPL saturday without TV :|

A series of events lead me to do this post. Amit is off to the barber’s  saloon for a haircut. He would be praying that they take as long as the match lasts, to give his head a neat look. Its not his research about TV Tuner card and online match viewing subscriptions that I wanted to write in this post ;). He has even gone as far as the options of "Rent a TV" for this short while :D. So I think it will be difficult to stick to our no-TV-in-the-house-plan for longer if he craves so badly for the matches. fingers crossed!!

Back to what I had in mind for this post.... I was commenting on a post with beautiful summer flowering tree collages when I noticed the whooooshing (dunno wat its called) sounds of a windy storm outside. I thought of finding a 'you tube' video of that sound and link it there with the comment to share the sounds of summers here. I didn't find any close match of that whoooshing sound that I heard through my closed windows :| but i kept clicking the related videos one after the other and finally stopped at some Burj Al Arab videos. Its one of those man made wonders and the closest I have been to it is this.. Without saying a thing more, I will leave you with the links to do the talking... I loved watchin them... 

disclaimer: there are 7 parts, may take some time to upload..

Source: here

Its a must see for anybody travelling to Dubai..So here is a virtual tour to not only the hotel but a lot more about it. Hope you enjoy them like I did.


Indian Homemaker said...

I haven't yet checked the video but summer noises, in the afternoon remind me of this old song called, 'Sand Storm'.

Indian Homemaker said...

Saw one of these, very nice. Will come and see more later.

mindspace said...

Thanks IHM for taking the time out :) did u see the effort put in and the mega-ness of the project. i liked every detail of it except the fact that they played with the ecology to create this (almost) wonder of this sand land..