Monday, April 6, 2009

Those endless bike-rides..

and the colors all around makes me nostalgic of the 3 months stay in this city in Apr 2 yrs back('07)..

The pleasantness of the weather..

The first-handfull-and-more of shopping after being  "just married". & all grocery kind of stuff.

Those efficient maids who needed no instructions and any effort to give one was futile due to language problem.

The red, purple, white, yellow blooms around the house in abundance.

Going to that pond/lake at 1 in the night after movie coz of some memories attached to it.

Tubs full of corner house iceream.

The morning walks from our Jayanagar home to this botanical garden "Lal baug" which has 4 gates & me trying to figure which one is where.

The post walk MTR brkfast & many more breakfast buffets.

Loosing my cell in PVR and finding it back too when we came back searching for it in a while.

The songs n guitar night on Buaji-fufaji's anniversary.

Amit's night shift at office and day shift doing enything but sleeping simply to spend more time with his wife. Only to be sleepy eyed later n cribbing that his she has no heart to be considerate.

The impromptu drives to places like nandi hills, the big banyan tree & even mysore n the likes.

Bangalore rains. Drenched, shivering, chattering teeth and still biking. And the strong coffee after that, at home.

Lavanya aunty, Nathalia, all those ppl I befriended thru Amit and have memories of the nice time had with them, eating and hanging out together..

The more I think, the more I want to visit there again. So here I stop for now :)
Those 3 months were the first time I went away from my family and those were also the beginning of whole new chapter of shaadi n all that jazz. I wouldn't hv liked it any other way I guess. "The guy working in bangalore" must have been one major reason I didnt think twice before taking the plunge. I am sure.

(These are pictures of shells collected in mangalore - one of the most memorable vacations that we had and one of those random rides just before leaving bangalore city.) 


Iya said...

u r writting about my city.. me like it!!

Masood said...

Bangalore has a way to get to your heart. I get bloody nostalgic whenever I think abt it. Did a similar post sometime last year with due mention of MTR, Corner House, Jaynagar, weather in blore etc etc.

Kya yaad dila diya tunne yaar!?! :(

mindspace said...

:) Iya, lucky u.

Masood, please blame it on the abu dhabi drive coz its that which triggered the trip to the days gone by.. :)

Crafty Shines said...

drool on those shells! i love shells!!!!

sounds like u made great memories! hope u get to visit bangalore soon to relive the joys :)

Goofy Mumma said...

Nostalgia! nothing like it.

amit said...

boooo hoooo ..bhoooo ..hooo ...i am missing my thunderbird lovely red shiny cruise bike.

i want to travel again I am now really missing India :( I want to eat MTR Dosa , chicken stew with Appam go to mangalore beaches :( Go to laddakh trip again on my bike :(

Anonymous said...

geee... there is more nostalgia around everywhere... 10 days to go home... and the wait is getting longer... by such posts... that make my heart long even more !

mindspace said...

Heya CS: I love shells too. cant have enough of picking them every time i see them on the shores n Dubai has many.. "tumhare muh mein ghee shakker" for blr visit soon to re-live the joys" Thanks dear..

GM: I swear!! and its lovely...

Amit: thats pretty much whole of india in one go that you want to see right.. me with u all along :) anytime.. hehe.

Dhiren:you said you going back home for engagement n all.. that reminds me hows ur bro's case going? ;) i remember reading something interesting on ur page some time back..

Reflections said...

lovely memeories of b' identify with most of it.
and same here.....I still am not sure which of the 4 gates[lalbagh] I must get out of:-D

And the photograph is beautiful...where else but b'lore has those lovely Gulmohar trees lined along the roads. My school had 2 & we used to wear parts of the fruit as nails on our fingers....when I think back now, How crazy, really:-)).

mindspace said...

:D Nancy, see I am actually replying to all the comments after 2 days. Its been really hectic, this wkend.. n after wishing you easter, i realized it was baisakhi also today :)

& yes, lal baug walks were fun however most of our friends were lazy to go walk there. maybe me n amit are different. we enjoy our walks here in international city as well.. hours n hours of walking n talking...

O'yes those nail beautifying stuff,, we used some part of rose petals to do the same during school days.. crazy indeed.. but fun again. do the kids of today do such crazy things too? tell me pls.. i doubt.