Friday, June 19, 2009

Another addiction..

Friends often ask me a question. "So, how do you spend your time?". It is a common feeling that having no job and staying away from family after marriage means you almost have no life and you are supposed to get bored.

Amit is worried about the day I start feeling bored. He thinks I left my job due to his job movement requirements. Ofcourse that was one reason but he also knows how desperately I was looking for a break from work.

But anyways, there is no such sign around here so far..

Between trying something at home that I never did before, learning new stuff and just reading keeps me busy. The biggest blessing is Internet. No time is enough when you have google, youtube and the blogworld in front of you. Infact, we often call internet the 'vo' of our life. You will know what I mean if you have heard of "miyan, biwi aur vo". Most of the masala (read fights) in our life also comes from there. But thats fun.

Amit is enjoying life in Turkey.. He says he went to princess island yday and to his surprise there are deodar and pine trees there. Of which, he didnt send me the pictures inspite of promising to do. Leave that, he hasnt even called me the whole of today. Busy in city tour I guess, so I am not complaining. But for this one good thing (internet, sweetheart!), i would be sulking and grumbling and feeling sorry for myself. Thats exactly why i called it a blessing..

But no. Today I covered all the shows of Vir Sanghavi's Star Talk, available on you tube. Rakhi Gulzar, Sharmila Tagore, Neena Gupta, Karishma, Saif, Sushmita, Tabu, Sonia Gandhi, Shehnaz Hussain and so on.. I love watching talk shows and interviews.. It tells me that life can be really complex for some and its inspiring to see how they all have been a survivor as an individual.

Thats that. But the addiction that I wanted to write about in this post is something else. I started writing and it has gone somewhere else altogether :) you see how we digress!!

When we went to see new born-Ibrahim few weeks back, there was also a match going on in the evening. And a yummy biryani was being made by his lovely grandmom. In the mid of all this I could still see a partly made jigsaw puzzle of Eiffel Tower lying on the table. I, like a 5 year old, got engrossed in building it further. Amit must have been embarrased to see this initially but soon enough everyone was picking up bits and pieces and fixing them on. I found THAT very ADDICTIVE. I completed the tower part and left the sky for the baby's DAD

Today I found that you get such puzzles online as well and tried one here.
you can customize it and its timed!! try this if strategy games interest you and you ever want to kill time..

I read on some blog that more the links in ur post, the better.. you know what, this is addictive too


Smitha said...

My first time here - just wanted to say that I love puzzles too.. We have a few on our phone and its so so additive! Difficult to put down :)

mindspace said...

3 missed calls :( yes i know now! when i plugged in the charger.... sowrieee. BUT where are the pics???????

Anonymous said...

Its Pati Patni aur Woh... !! and yes we have heard of it... !!!

I so so so badly want to be home alone... !! so many things I want to do... and I am infact really really jealous of you....!!!!

Vir Sanghvi.. !! I like that man and most of all I like his longings for Nonveg !!!!! he loves his non veg food and you wont believe what pains he has taken to find the perfect Hyderabadi Biryani... His sunday food articles are the best in the world... Do you know he too is a Gujarati a Jain ! and a lover of Non-Veg like me.... !!!! :P :P

Jigsaws are defintely addictive and all sorts of these puzzles I love... and i wont go there... coz i get addicted...

as for now i m just content with my blog world and my blog samaj... !!!

now now... come to think of it you are free all day and yet you didnt come to my blog and comment ?? huh ?? tell tell ??

Mumbai Diva said...

Hi....I quit work too for some time because we were moving around so much. Practically every 11 months thanks to hubby's job. But really, it was also more because I wanted to take a break too. I worked with an NGO in the process and also started my own business. It was a great experience.

mindspace said...

Dhiren, mujhe laga hi tha ki miya bi n vo jach nahi raha :P thanks for correcting me. and man! how u link every thing to good food. really.. i never knew all that about Vir..

Mumbai Diva, I also would love to do something on those lines now.. just looking for the right direction..

Anonymous said...

Over the past 2 months Vir Sanghvi has been trying to find the most authentic of hyderabadi biryani and his journey with all sorts of flavours comes in Sunday Hindustan Times... you can find it on the web toooo and trust me he will make you drool with each word he uses in those articles... !! really !!

Reflections said...

I too love jigsaw puzzles.....I used to buy them, piece them together & frame them...they look gorgeous. I still have 2 unmade jigsaws of 1000pcs but cant afford to take them out with the kids their eagerness to help they end up doing more damage;-).
Somehow playing the online one doesnt gimme the same thrill.
And yes I agree sudoku is addictive:-))!!!!!

Iya said...

i love puzzles, all kinds,soduko included..sigh..