Saturday, June 20, 2009

aur mera popat ho gaya!

poocho kaise?

I burnt the midnight oil working on a collage to be presented to dad on this fathers day. Whole of last night. And then just before sleeping at 6:15am I wrote a mail to pa. And one to bro who is in Mumbai, to order flowers and have them delivered at home during the day while he was at work. (I dint realize that it is wkend and he would be home.. but thats not a big cause of worry). Task done, I slept peacefully at that odd hour.

Today, I just woke up to a call from Turkey :P at around 11am (half past noon India time), with eyes resembling batata with a black hole. It took me a while to understand that he was asking me to login to skype as he had called from his friends international roaming. All excited for I remembered fathers day, i passed on the wishes to his friend who is a relatively new dad. And there you go!!!

what I am just made aware of, is-

Father's day is not today but tomorrow. "wishing someone on the wrong day is sign of being a big POPAT".. yes! nooooooo :(

& I had already painted the town red last night in celebration mode, thinking today was FD... what a flop..
The only saving grace is that it is still a day in advance, but enough for me to feel like a popat!!!

The point is - How could I be so absent minded.. the entire blame goes to laptop and internet combo.

Yday when the thought of making a family collage struck me, it was already past midnight here, I chked the laptop clock which anyways shows India time so the date was 20th June. Google reconfirmed that FD is on 21st. I tell myself "Its fathers day tomorrow and I have not done anything about it". While we dont usually celebrate these days in particular, this time I wanted to. various reasons, and i wanted to. But not once in the whole night did i realize that what i thought as tomorrow was actually day after...

Nevertheless.. its better than sending belated wishes!! I shall call the bro to see if he has even logged in to chk his emails... Dad definitely wont mind getting early wishes..

The other thing that went awry, like Dhiren's dowry is my complaint in the last post.. that someone didnt call me the whole of yday.

The fact was - my cell was lying somewhere, dead for want of charged battery.. when i realized that, i quickly put it on charger only to see 3 missed calls. too bad that the post was already published by then :(

he must have really thought i am having some great fun...

Coming back to the collage, the special thing about it is - it has all the family members( hum paanch with spouses n di's kid). Ironically, we dont have any pictures of all of us in single frame as jiju had missed our wedding n being spread across geographically, we all have met only in smaller groups in last 2 years..

:( Di has just gone back after spending one whole month with mom-dad and manu is back to mumbai.. So you can imagine why i am missing them all the more and sat for making that collage?

But I must admit :) I have done a great job. Looks like we all stood together to pose for it. The collage is my latest wallpaper, So i wont be opening any windows today..


hitchwriter said...

dhin chak dhin chak dhin chak dhin...

hitchwriter said...

whew... I was totally confused what date is today... !!!!!

you are going nuts alone it seems... last post mein in the comments i cudnt figure out what was happening.. !!!

now i know..


Wow what a nick name have you selected for yourself....

teeeeee heeeeee... :mrgreen:

Oh Boy !!!

mindspace said...

dance hitchy dance.. do do maukey hain tumhare paas aaj..

and call me popat.. no issues.. only if u get what i mean in the post... amidst the today tomorrow?

hitchwriter said...

ofcourse i know popat ho gaya means what... !!! :P :P :P

monikamanchanda said...

ha ha ha

ROFL i have made popat like this of me enough no of times and thanks for reminding abt fathers day I had totally forgotten

and that collage seems like a great gift idea :D and when are we seeing what u made

Rakesh said...

Pat pat pat Popat... This is how we used to call someone Popat :)

Deepika M said...

haha LOL...I am sure that collage would just have turned out really amaazzin!!! And yes, Like you said, it is any day better than sending those late wishes :)

Prashanti :) said...

hehehehheheeh Popat :) but atleast, you did not send wishes one day late .. that would be mega popat :) said...

at least u are trying do to something for Father's day!!im doing nothing..nothing at all..
family collages are sooo cool!its a great idea, tara!!im sure ur dad wudnt have minded at all!:D

partywithneha said...

can we see the collage ? :)

Preeti Shenoy said...

At least you have a dad to wish on Fathers day.Many are not as fortunate. Goofing up dates does not matter.
Cherish these moments.

BK Chowla said...

So long as you remmeber him and wish him,dates do not matter.It is the spirit

Solilo said...

It's the thought that counts, Tara. :)

Awww..and your husband called you and you were ansoon bahoying in his thoughts. Now that is real Popat. *bhagoooooooooo*

sunny said...

Papa mere Papa

Anonymous said...

Can we see the collage? pleaseee...

mindspace said...

@monika: I am happy this post reminded you of it. I just read ur daddy post :).. wishing him good health and happiness..

@Rakesh: that reminded me of how some old scooters were called phatphatiya back home..

@Deepika M: seeing your loved ones as wallpapaer when you cant go n see them immediately is amaazzin.. :)dad appreciated my artwork :P aur kya chahiye.

@Prashanti: :) has lo has lo.. tum bhi...

@churningthewordmill: Welcome here Maddy (hope I am right with the name) but if i may ask you, why aren't you doing nothing at all?

@partywithneha: I was waiting to see your reply.

@Preeti Shenoy: That is my biggest fear Preeti, believe me.. Seeing him thru the surgery last year has made me all the more touchy about it.. I hope I didnt hurt you there.. (pls dont say -Many are not as fortunate :(, whether they are around us or not, dad's will always be there with love and wishes for us kids..

@BK Chowla jee: somehow i feel like adding 'jee' with your name :) hope u dont mind. Thank you for the nice words..

@Solilo: I am currently thinking of a mail from Sol with her pic.. if they count, may i have one please? a family one, if u can.. u can call me popat forever in that case :)

@sunny: Is that you dajyu? ha ha.. If its you, i dont believe i get a comment from you here.. i am happy.. and hey Happy father's day to you too.. I know its your first this year. said...

@Anonymous:- :)hey, maybe you should put a name to this anonymity! pleaseee...

masood said...

I like the part where someone did your popat!!!! *nasty evil grin*


I scribble here said...

nah, not a popat.. u would have been one if you wished him a day late!!:)
and that is such a sweet gesture! i did nothing except for calling him :(

priya said...

:)hey, maybe you should put a name to this anonymity! name is Priya..:)

mindspace said...

@Sunny: I guess I mistook you for someone else... :P another popat!

@Masood: guthli today haan.. :D

@Scribble: Hmmm.. ya, that was the only saving grace..

@Priya: Welcome here sweety but that is still anonymous for me :P

Crafty Shines said...


:( :(

saving comment on word doc,coz this blogger is not publishing my comments but eating them up


LOL @ popat ho gaya!!

nahiiiii, not lol, i meant "there there" :D :D

as long as ur doin something for ur dad, that's what counts! that's such a sweet idea tara!!!

its gonna be ur desktop n u won't open any windows!!!

what a perfect end to this post!!

MORE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!

Mridula said...

I agree better a day early than late! So what has been dad's reaction?

Iya said...

thats what happens when u live in multiple time zones..