Friday, June 12, 2009

Of Chapatis, Cookie, Brownie and Indian Kurti

I have noticed that I am enjoying reading the blogs more than writing down something of my own!
So I write less and read more thesedays..

I like to believe that I am a girl of few words.. but my last post speaks differently.. :( and I LOVE those who read that one.. coz I almost believed someone that nobody reads long posts.. Even some friends see me going on & on. It, I think, has got something to do with the subject and how close and strongly you feel about it at that particular moment. Equally important is having someone to listen, who you think can relate to it and would participate in the discussion.. Anyways, thats something that perhaps happen with almost everyone..

I want to try my hand at and learn baking.. We got a new cooking range (with steel body) after moving to this house and it has oven & some more features. Yet to buy the moulds/casts and all those yum ingredients but the first thing that I tried were the plain Cookies.. I thought the sugar was less and the crust got lil over baked, nevertheless, we still enjoyed our home made-first time cookies.. what if they look more like the biscuits you get on the roadside mobile cycle bakeries in Delhi :(

One of the girls I met at the meditation camp was wondering at the fact that our cook used to make so many chapatis, all from scratch, for lunch of around 30 people.. I never gave it a thought before but she being American found it unbelievable. I told her its simple. But I know that today even Indian girls find it tedious and time wasting consuming.. I on the other hand like making chapatis (more than eating them actually), infact, its the first proper-meal dish that I could prob. make properly.. round and the kinds that puff like thisSince we are still in touch I invited her over my place last week and offered to show her how to make chapatis "from scratch" :)  So she came and we had a great time chatting for hours.. I cooked everything after she came coz I wanted to show her Indian cooking, just like they show on the TV (i.e. now we add so n so and then we do this and that etc). I am happy that she liked the food..No elaborate recipes, it was plain simple lunch. I found her very easy to get along with. In the evening when she could no longer stay back for domestic reasons (having to pick her husband from work.. ), we exchanged stuff like typical girls or long time friends do.. 

I knew that she liked the Indian kurti I wore during the camp, so thought of asking her to try mine. I had bought them just before leaving India early this year. The sweet lady tried willingly and fitted so well in them. While I promised I will take her to a friend's boutique to get new ones, I also convinced her to take one of my kurtis and she wore it while going back... That is why I called her sweet, you know.. & Guess what she got for me.. we both loved it, Amit and myself... Homemade Butterscotch Brownies!! They were simply superb to say the least!!

& in this post I wanted to share the recipe. All the above was just a brief context..

Butterscotch Brownies (in Jen's words)

1/4 c. butter 
1 c. light brown sugar
1 egg
3/4 c. all purpose flour
1 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp.vanilla
1/2c. coarsely chopped walnuts

Heat oven to 350 F/175 C. 
Melt butter over low heat. Remove from heat; stir in sugar until blended; cool. Stir in egg.
In a bowl, combine flour, baking powder, and salt. Add sugar mixture and blend together. Mix in vanilla and walnuts. Spread into well greased pan, 8x8x2". Bake 25 minutes. Do not over bake. 
Cut into bars while still warm. 


Anonymous said...


mindspace said...

But Dhiren u dint even look at the earlier post, right?? :(

Anonymous said...

Ok... I didnt read the last post... some how i didnt see it... but I m going to read it... thought it seems on meditation !!! :(

I understand that all dont read long posts but it depends on what topic it is... really... :)

the biscuits look yummy and I am sure you american friend would have enjoyed your food cooked by it... :D

Now if only I could trade my t-shirts with some one as sweet as that girl !!!

Anonymous said...

I dont know how i missed the earlier one... !!! :( but making it up by reading every single word of it !!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D

Lyddie said...

Nice!, sorry that I havent been able to post the recipe I promised you.
And I also want a Kurti.. a Kurti... a Kurti.. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to try this recipe as soon I get back home. One thing I miss in hotels with a kitchenette while traveling for long duration is an oven. not that i want to bake while travelling :) but i love eating grill fish with indian spices which one does not get in most restuarant :(

BK Chowla said...

I am very fond of cookies and surely pass this on to my wife.

Solilo said...

Aww..cheers to that friend and you. Your meditation camp sounds so much fun, Tara.

Crafty Shines said...

overbaked or no, they look yummy tara!!!!! really!!!!
thanks so much for the recipe! the baking freak in me is outta control!!!! :D

that was sooo nice of u tara!! u gave her ur kurti!!! :)
and what a lovely return gift too! :D

now where do i find ppl to give my kurtis to????

luvya tara!

masood said...

I had posted a comment from my cell phone on Friday but somehow can't find that comment now! :(

I'm not too fond of long posts but yes, I think it depends on the topic.

So when do we drop by for some cookies and tea? ;)

Bhavna said...

Cookies sound yummy. Must try the butterscotch ones as well.
Honestly, tried reading the meditation one but it was long and in my current frame of mind seems impossible to get thru. But promise to read it soon.

Mumbai Diva said...

chapati lessons, please? :) i still don't get them right. have given up anyway....

shubhra said...

congrats! BTW ur mum in law is a great cook too,try to beat her out:-)
anyways the cookies look delicious...

Reflections said...

"they look more like the biscuits you get on the roadside mobile cycle bakeries in Delhi"

But I'm sure they taste awesome. U knw, once u start making cookies at home, u'll never feel like buying another biscuit from outside;-)

mindspace said...

I dont know how i missed replying here but better late than never, they say.. :o

@Dhiren: I am not replying to you.. grrrr :)

@Lydia: Darling, am still waiting for the recipe.. hope you have not changed your mind ;)

I am glad to see some new names here :)
Thank you Colormesunshine and Chawla jee.. I am sure you will like the brownies made out of this recipe.

@Solilo: indeed Solz.. there are so many memories attached to those 10 day :)

@Crafty: me loves you too sweetheart.. inspite of the u n hitchy bond.. looking for someone to exchange ur kurtis n Tees for brownies :P

@Masood: you are welcome anyday.. While i am experimenting, I do need someone to taste then and say pass/fail.

@Bhavna: you are sweet and kind.. How are you doing? I am not sure if that looong post will even make any sense to someone off hand.. but if you ever read it, i will like to know how you liked it.

@Mumbai Diva: since you love shopping, try chapatimaker.. or better still, find a supermarket that has ready to eat chapatis. Just heat them and eat.. life is so convenient nowadays!!

@Shubhra: Thanks Bhabhi..

@Nancy: To be honest, they were not that awesome, but i will be there soon :) you are always so encouraging.. i love you for that!!

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