Friday, September 12, 2008

A Challenge..a secret wish

a conversation with myself, maybe a confrontation or some persuasion.. Picking up too many words to complete a sentence itself strengthens my weakness. But hey, did I complete the sentence? I am still fighting with words to decide what first, but let me try n sort things a little better before I start with this blog of mine- my comeback to blogging; not that I wasn’t thinking of doing this for so long but when somebody tells you the same thing that was in your mind, then you want to do it with higher conviction.
Been married for 16 months n few weeks, have never ever ridden the horses of my wishes more than in this short span-be it a craving to have golgappas, tubs of ice-cream, need to work late in office or not willing to work at all for weeks, bike rides in the middle of night & in the rains, trying my luck at cooking, movies, shopping beyond the limits to make home, long drives, beaches, mountains, deserts, dams, snow, just doing whatever comes to your mind & going wherever u can, most importantly without anybody stopping you- this and much more happened in the recent times. How to set curd, doing puja & rituals on the last day of 9 days navratra fast-which includes the tiring session of cooking halwa, poori, chole, nariyal prasad, inviting girls for puja & prasad & performing all formalities, hosting relatives all by yourself, spending days all alone when amit is not in town, managing the maid, clearing the bills, buying the veggies, the list would run into pages, but I had not done any of these before. Its fun to be doing them when u do it at your own pace. That gives a feeling of freedom and of responsibility...
Having said all that and expressing all my gratitude to the master planner up there, i am still not done. There is just too much on my mind to do and to accomplish that i feel like being trapped in the daily rigmarole of work, home, travel etc... They say 'when you state what you want to do, your commitment to do that gets firm' I try this often with little success in my hands-
`I want to go and spend time in old age homes and orphanages.
`The 3 things I want to learn as I write this blog - swimming, driving, salsa.
`Art of living and some retreats to explore & discover myself.
There are few or rather many more and its a challenge to gather the determination and discipline to do all of this. Will blogging help here? It’s a question not to someone else but myself.

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