Friday, September 12, 2008

Y series

My mom & dad were happy when I was born, though my grandma perhaps wanted a grandson after my elder sister being already there. I was their New Year gift. Mom says I have been a hassle free girl, no crankiness-no fuss, very quiet and nice baby. I think I have also been lucky to get things my way with little or no effort from their side, be it admission to pre primary or college or job or Amit.
But still, I know they have done so much for me and I will be doing everything that I can and I also know that won’t be even a fraction of what they did & still offer to do for us. Today when I think of the situation of being a parent, I am not able to think of anything. I am so busy in my own rigmarole. It’s such a commitment, devotion, responsibility and promise. It demands investment of the best years of your life. They happily did this investment even if that would have pinched them at times giving up all their other priorities or interests only to see a time in future when they have to stay alone all over again but this time with lesser energy and grey hair still wishing the best for us and their eyes always looking forward to see us, spend some time with us, talk to us, to hear us and be happy knowing that we are so.
I so much wish I was around them today and always, when they need me and when I am capable of giving them some comforts in life. But I can’t do that as much because they married me off and that resulted in now me being entangled in my own things. Y did they have to do this?

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