Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunny & Neha's bundle of Joy!!

We met and saw the joy of being first time parents on their faces today. It doesn't matter if Neha is all swollen due to some wierd reason i dont know and sunny is getting worried with every moving second abt the baby for one reason or the other, they are simply on the top of world.
We reached there at around 10 on this sunday morning and didnt feel like moving away even after spending 2-3 hrs with them. Here are few interesting things for ur reading. After few minutes of sleep, the baby got up crying and as soon as daddy dear came near him, he did what he does best- susu ki fuhar and guess on whom; papa ke upar and mumma ke bed par! Sunny was being observant - and he immediately calls the doc and asks about the reducing wgt(not his wgt ironically) and the baby's colored susu. And the piece of gyan that the doc gave us all was that babies are expected to have 10% wgt reduction after birth & before they again start gaining and a slight jaundice is natural at this time. The funny thing is the doc asking sunny if he heard some relative talking abt this jaundice thing, probably he didnt expect him to be knowing these things and what he meant is that since he is just become a dad, he is being over protective or concerned abt the baby however he should not get worked up or worried abt each and every move of the child :).
Busy with all running around with the child, they didnt think of posing together even once to capture this moment forever. So I did my bit and here is their first pic with the baby(and some other usual ones with granny n sabse chota TAU:). Today is baby's home coming- Neha is getting discharged from the nursing home. Wish her a speedy recovery and great time ahead with this bundle of joy.

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