Monday, September 22, 2008

zuup ... at 120kmph

Speeding up to 120 kmph on the Chandigarh - Delhi highway was a drive smooth like makkhan :)

we were lazing around at home for last couple of weeks so the idea was not to be doing the same again. Chandigarh, Shimla, Amritsar were the options. we had already spent the Saturday doing xyz so Sunday early morning we set off for Chandigarh. while I had visited there before during school days, Amit hadn't been there and that makes Chandigarh the only place where I was the travel host n Amit was new to the place. its a beautifully laid out city, most of the time I was feeling that I have gone back to our defence camp with clean, green spacious surroundings.

in spite of the fact that we enjoyed the nature walk by the side of a 3 km wide, man made Sukhna Lake and also witnessed a local TV channel's shooting there, savoured the interestingly made Rock Garden by Mr Nek Chand, and had a sumptuous lunch at Pinjour garden's restaurant, the highlight of it is that I drove.. while going as well as coming back.. and didn't find it difficult at all. city driving needs patience, but when u are at this high speed on the traffic less, multiple lane roads, you only need the presence of mind and open eyes. Thanks to Amit feeling sleepy all the way, we did not fuss around me asking for the steering wheel and didn’t do much of back seat driving - he had rested his life on my hands and dozed off.

Some time back I wrote a small post on 'my memorable drives till date' but for some technical stupid unknown reason, it got lost while posting. This one definitely would be the latest addition to that list. I feel so good! I wish I could go beyond 120 :|

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destiny said...

goin thru all ur blogs, thot of posting a comment on dis one esp.

abt d speed dat u r discussing, i am sure in dubai u can croos beyond 120 as on some roads dey have d minimum limit as 120.
As d roads here r quit smooth, u wont even feel that u r on such a high speed. :)