Monday, September 29, 2008

You don't mess with the Zohan

This was perhaps my first Adam Sandler movie, rather movies were a rare scene with me untill I joined this buff called mitu. And now that we have a PVR at only 5 min walk from our home, we hardly need to plan in advance for it. Sat night, 11 pm, finished dinner & another episode of Big Boss, season2[inspite of the boring participants I am following this program just like that] & 11.30 we are inside the audi2 without any clue of the movie i was being taken for; for me its the company that matters, if i dont like the movie, i take a nap there - simple!

I am not writing any review here. Am only trying to express my astonishment at the humour in this movie.. The accent is one of my loved ones(as this one is easier to comprehend:o), the actor is fantastic & the movie inspires you to go follow your passion come what may. To sum it up, I would say- chances are that you will find yourself laughing for most of it but after a point in time I started looking for a place to hide myself in(due to embarrassment :/ ). When I told that to Amit, he suggested I go watch 'american pie'. Guys will be guys!

While I enjoyed the movie more or less, I don't think I will prefer putting myself into it again!

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