Tuesday, February 17, 2009

adopt an animal - hows d idea?

While browsing through some news articles randomly, I landed here finding it interesting.
Its a WWF site that offers 7 selected endangered animals for monthly adoption at a nominal cost. Before atually reading the details I assumed that I can get an animal adopted for as short a period as a month for a particular price and then either continue having it as a pet or return it back to the authorities. But when I saw the list of animals, it struck me that Rhino, Elephant, Dolphin, Panda, Tiger, Polar Bear & Monkeys are not the usual pets :(

The site turned out to be offering animal adoption which they say is a popular way of providing consistent funding to wildlife charities whilst also providing a tangible gift to the recipient who gets a goodie bag with picture of ur pet, a soft toy, certificate and some more things.

I think there will be more takers if they offer the regular popular pets which they actually let us take home for the period we want to have them. We pay the cost with a condition that we get part of it back if we care them well and return them healthy after a period of time. In that case I would love to have this-

The lovely picture has been picked from "www.toptenz.net/10-dangerous-exotic-pets.php"

I love this self customized idea! will lookup on the net if something like this is possible...else I will start such services post retirement. watsay?


Masood said...

Haven't you already? ;)

mindspace said...

lol.. that was a good one!

amit pant said...

oye tum dono ki to