Sunday, February 8, 2009

Perfect start of the day

A walk in morning dew laden grass


with gentle cool breeze

rays of the rising sun shining on ur face..

music playing in ur ears

& you browsing thru the suppliments of the days paper.

I wish I had taken the camera along, would have definitely captured this.. 

I must do it the next time I have such perfect start.


Mridula said...

Yes, do take the camera along next time. Are you a morning person?

Indian Homemaker said...

Hey love this ... and LOVE such mornings!

mindspace said...

I can have a late night today & a real early morning the next day. at the same time I can sleep at 8 in the night and enjoy it till 8 the next day morning.

so I guess I dont know what I should call myself. I can be both conveniently.

& since these walks are in my residential area itself, I sure hope to capture many such mornings on my camera.

Your comment and name as follower in my blog makes me feel write another post on "perfect end of the day" :) Thanks for visiting my page. I read you and like it too..

Iya said...

thats a lovely start, thanks for ur comment on my blog, made me find urs...keep coming

Shruti Mukundan said...

yeah even i feel the same whn i goon morning walks :)