Saturday, February 28, 2009

An enchanting date..

...with sunset,
so close, so warm
a little more thought of it and i might just start poetry.
which i know would not be good enough, so leave you with some views.

@ around 5:30'ish, friday evening
near Dubai customs building,
@ jumeira open beach
a close look will show the moon and the evening star, so well positioned.
That tall thing on the right end is Burj Dubai (another unique attraction here)

I would not have called it quits had amit not given me his i-am-bugged & i-feel-neglected looks!!


Moonlight Rose said...

Beautiful photos...

Masood said...

so some more free advertising of Dubai.... ;)

Guess it's my turn now

Goofy Mumma said...

Hey you in Dubai? Even I saw the moon and star thing last evening. The DH and i kept looking at it time again. Seems like something significant isn't it?

Lovely pics by the way, love the night shot of the Shiekh Zayed Street.

mindspace said...

Moonlight Rose: what a lovely name, thank you for visiting me :)

Masood: Ye Ye! isnt it lovely!

Goofy Mumma: Yes I moved here a month back. and am totally hooked to the beaches. hv already had 5-6 trips to the diff beaches here. n hey glad you liked the pics. I was experimenting with diff modes to capture the night lights n feel there is huge scope for improvement... u also in Dubai rite?

Mridula said...

Those flowers look so beautiful.

Reflections said...

The pics are lovely.....esp the last 4 pics:-))