Tuesday, March 3, 2009

hit by insomnia

There is no pending job to be attended to, 32% battery life of the laptop is left, I am sitting in the balcony to avoid the light or keypad noise disturb the sleeping husband. While the breeze is cool, I am not enjoying it much. I guess there are somethings going on in the mind. Is it because of oversleeping during the day(I started watching the movie 'chandi chowk to china' at noon as I had nothing else to do and felt asleep for the movie couldnt hold me up enough)? or is it sign of having enjoyed enough of the break from work now? or is it out of the anxiety of this testing time (recession) and our rent being higher than what others are paying for a house twice as big as ours? or there is something else altogethre?

I should be feeling nice after having met two nice friends i hv made in the last one month in this new land. I have already felt nice for that but sleep isnt coming still. Tried tossing in the bed for half an hour and got up to read something on the net; some further study options, some blog reading, some comments not making much sense on other's blogs, read few news articles and some applications on the job sites. All done n I am still not sleepy. 28% battery life left.. Dont want to plug in the adapter coz then i know i will keep sitting here till the morning with my eyes almost popping out n me at the same pt where i started from..

I will go, try sleeping again now.. for record, its 3:20 am India time :( my laptop still shows India time :( hope i get up feeling nice n fresh!


Reflections said...

The answer is simple...dont sleep during the day:-))

This used to happen to me when I first came....due to sheer boredom I'd sleep the day away & then sit up like a owl at night:-(

Eveything has settled down now with the kids going to school....incase u didnt understand.... all of us have to be up at 6am whether v like it or not so we are all in bed before 11:-S.

I'd say enjoy it while it lasts;-D

Iya said...

hope u got up feeling nice and fresh...

Masood said...

How about taking lots of sleeping pills? :P

mindspace said...

Nancy - u are right. i had slept too much the other day besides all other reasons.

Iya dahling, mornings always give us a new beginning rite? I had a lovely day ahead..

Masood - hv never tried them. do they work in the night after having slept thru half the day already :P, i guess i was generally bugged due to 2-3 things and somebody wasnt interested in listening to me so i blogged :| Thanks all the way!

Deepika M said...

Whoever said it, said it right! An Idle mind is a devils workshop....I really sometimes dream of sitting with my laptop by the beach..and letting some random inflow of thoughts come thru and I blog all of them online!

Anyways, I still luv my busy life. Hope you finally slept well :)

mindspace said...

Bang on Deeps!! while u do amazing stuff when ur mind is idle, u get such crappy sulky thoughts too.. i keep myself busy coz i hv to answer a zillion of ppl if i m getting bored and what i do during the day, as if no job means no life... but the overstretched 9-5 routine built over almost a decade(minus 3 yrs, he he)is not easily forgotten rite... i hope the recession ends soon before my mind gets habitual of being idle.