Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Indianized version of Chicken Soup

I must have done some good for sure to be born in this era of internet. How else would I be able to meet this girl from Germany who is in love with Indian culture and language. She has not been to India ever, we are what is called 'online friends' for almost 3 years mostly via chats and mails, few phone calls and a postcard letter once. She is 4 yrs younger to me but that has hardly mattered. Hey girl, I still have the sweet teddy u sent for me thru someone coming to India :) , I hope you dont mind me mentioning you on my blog. I basically want to record the chicken soup recipe that you gave me this wkend since I got all praises for it and the credit goes to you. 

Chicken soup sounds simple but I never had tried that before. A relatively new friend, when I said I can survive on soups n salads, said, she too can provided they are non veg. she is "strictly non-veg" in her own words. Since that day I hv been thinking of making non veg soup/salad. 

So this is what I tried with the stuff available in my fridge.

--3 Chicken franks - grated (I dint buy any other chiken as my freezer was full of this wkend offer). If one uses chicken pieces, de-skin it else the soup will taste oily however the bones give a nice taste to the soup so let them be.... (the tip from Lydia)
--1 carrot - finely chopped
--1 bowl frozen corn
--1 boiled potato  - cut into small thin pieces
--1 tomato and 1 onion - finely chopped, mixed with dried crushed mint leaves, fresh cylantro(coriander) and sprinkled with pepper powder.

bullion chicken cube was part of original recipe but that would mean going to supermarket so I tried something wierd-sounding stuff that tasted great. And here is the replacement.

--black eye bean (lobiya). I had some boiled leftover from the earlier day meal which I made into a paste in mixer with some salt and pepper.

--& olive oil

Now lets turn on, the cooking stove..
--) In a large pan heat 2 spoons olive oil and put carrot- cook and stir, add corns- cook and stir, add the grated chicken- cook and stir

--) Then add the lobiya paste, mix the ingredients well- cook and stir. This would give the thickness to the soup and also add to the nutritive value.

--) Put water depending on the quantity and consistency of soup u want to make. I think most of my cooking is done by "andazan" philosophy.. not good when u are recording recipes but anyways.

--) After 2 min you can add the boiled potato, and the onion-tomato mixture that was kept aside in beginning & which kept tempting me to use it in a Haldiram's Bhel snack instead :p

--) Since we are done with adding everything , additional salt and pepper can be put to taste.

--) Bring it to a boil and cook for 2 minutes before you are done. 

I made this at dinner time and it turned out to be almost the main meal, so filling and satisfying. Ask Amit.


Masood said...

Yum. Sounds delicious. Guess I'll try it out.

By the way, congrats! I just happened to be your 1000th visitor :)

hitch writer said...

slurp !!!

gee there are so many recipes i have to try out... this sounds delicious !

mindspace said...

aha! I have two guys saying they would try this out..i am loving this generation :) unless what they meant was they will try this as in taste it when they make the lady in the house cook it :p

Thanks Masood for being the special visitor..

Thanks Dhiren for slurping it out :)

Anonymous said...

this recipe sounds good but wherez the picture?!

Anonymous said...

lol @ the onion-tomato mixture that was kept aside in beginning & which kept tempting me to use it in a Haldiram's Bhel snack instead

u are so cute.
yeah, where's the pic?

Reflections said...

Sounds good........& filling!!!

I make something like this but ofcourse have never used franks or lobiya for it:-o

And the andaza ability is all I have:-P