Sunday, March 29, 2009

Do as the Mom says!

I: “Change you dinner schedule, go out in dark and be careful when you are in open.”

Baby: why mom?

“Stop questioning everything and follow what I say.”

okay!, says the little one but goes out anyway and gets poisoned.


Why didn’t I mention that I saw the lady of house shop Mortein today?”



Indian Home Maker said...

Brilliant, but sad.

mindspace said...

Hey IHM, Do you think so?
tell me who is the conversation between n I am sure u wont say its sad if u got me right.

Indian Home Maker said...

Oh between someone who should be wary of Mortein :))
lol brilliant!!

Reflections said...

Mortein as in the Mosquito killer?????

mindspace said...

Yup Nancy, cockroach killer in this case..

Crafty Shines said...

oh! at first read i was sad, n after the second read i was smiling an evil, victorious grin!!!! ha!!

this was super tara!! :)

Masood said...

LOL Good one!
You know what is really ironical? On first read, it sounds like you are referring to a human. And that makes it sad. But when we figure it's about a cockroach, we think it's funny!

hitch writer said...


poor cockroach... did u seriously ask IHM that she didnt understand ???

I mean i can understand you asking that to me... !!! lol....

This one is nice... !! but still not happy !

Anonymous said...

Brilliant !!