Thursday, March 5, 2009

Much celebrated 'blogging'

I think there are certain waves flowing in abundance at particular times. Similarly there are phases in life when certain activities enjoy more of your time than others. Like I would play a carrom game every possible evening with dad, bro n sis some time back. Being a winning team used to matter so much. There are lot of things we pick up while we grow, if we enjoy we continue with some of them and it reaches its peak before it gradually starting to fade down. A rare few stay with us as a part of life for ever though in addition to the experiences and memory ofcourse. 

Of late it has been the blogworld for me.. Blogging to me is an extension of my diary with some modifications obviously. While I didnt want me to be read by many I was curious to know others via their blogs. I know the blogs might not be about the the real people but I enjoy the different way of writing and expressing mundane stuff, so initially I tried clicking 'next blog' which is the 3rd button on the blogger page and just read them randomly if I could read them that is. Not all bloggers write in english for that matter. If I like a particular writing style or content somewhere, I quickly put some sort of bookmark so i revisit those blogs. wait i think its called blogrolling them and there is even a feature to let such blogowners know that we follow n like their blogs. I this its cool.. Now thats the fun of computers and internet. I recently learnt that writing about blogging in the blog is called metablogging (if i remember correctly) so I see its a big world with some fancy terms involved already. 

The want of being heard or the feeling of just venting out for the sake of it, thinking aloud-recording it at the same time and along the way learning of some interesting add on's from people who happen to find and bother to read and thankfully add their thoughts to ours. It has its own pull. Writing does act as a therapy to so many!

I am more of a memory person than one who can visualize myself in future. Maybe because I cant articulate what i want, not even to myself in my mind. I generalize it as 'good time', yes, this is what I always keep wanting my future to be.. my boss often reiterated to me the importance of looking into future I cant be but myself. Right now I feel like trying to remember few of the waves I encountered and then conclude how boring has my life been or NOT.

-I loved collecting empty matchbox. Googled to find some matchbox names right now and I find a blogpost on them done already, the pics brought back the memory..While the object of interest keep changing, the craze of collection has remained always with me.

-Skipping a rope was like the daily soap but it was done all 7 days a week. Again, there are interesting articles about rope skipping on the net that I read through just now as I write(thanks to the time I have, to kill right now) & yes, we used to do double-tripple(2-3 ppl skipping with one rope, the middle one holding and moving the rope carefully and all three jumping in sync) & rope jumping tricks like crossover. Now skipping might have become like once in a year activity but we do have an adult's skipping rope at home & I am capable of doing 100 n more skips at one go. I will be breathless by the end of it but I still can!

oh! as I think back, I go more n more into those times and its leading to nostalgia so I drop the idea to continue.. I think I will not go on with this even for the sake of killing the time..coz i just realise i am killing myself of hunger now. So before I fix something for lunch I will just mention one more. That's 'orkutting'. I can hear my bro and hubz giggling at me on this one(I was such an addict) but I am happy I got into it for I got back in touch with so many of my old friends which was some strong old wish of mine coming true.

I conclude here with kudos to blogging for the time being. Its good for me right now. I see myself fumbling less for words. I am not here to follow any rules by the way.


anid said...

i have been a matchbox collector myself, as a kid. the link u posted brought back to me the memories of all those sundays when i sat going through my priceless collection of matchboxes.

thank you!

naperville mom said...

While I didnt want me to be read by many I was curious to know others via their blogs.
some similarity there:)

Came bloghopping from Relections. Enjoyed the read:)

Deepika M said...

Blogging has not only enhanced my writing skills, but also given me a sphere to express my self thru writing and not just by merely speaking words!! I am so glad this worked for you gurl! Keep Blogging! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

we gotta talk, tara. i hope u are feeling better than u were in ur last post.

mindspace said...

@Thanks Anid, childhood is full of so many silly, crazy things we do rite? :)

@ NP, Welcome here! when i read blogs randomly(bloghopping), i feel the same. there are commonalities between all of us. And there are some things that others put down in words so beautifully & I am like wow, these are my feelings but i wouldnt hv bn able to do so... thats y i love reading blogs more than writing :P

@ Thanks Deeps, bt i somehow hesitate to be as me as possible(while blogging) for the fear of being mistaken by some. like the last post. I m not sad all the time but then after reading that post, husband might view all my reactions in light of that which is not right.. u know what i mean.... maybe thats y ppl keep anonymity to their blogs :)

@roop, madam, we gotta talk, yes! whenever u are free!!!