Monday, March 23, 2009

Think about this!.. NOW

Yday was World Water Day..& I came across this video while surfing randomly. We do need constant reminders to be on the top of it. Using the resources judicially that is
Some of us are lucky today to have full time water supply but how can will we continue to be so??
While I find it almost suffocating to brush my teeth with the tap off, there are millions of ppl walking kilometers every morning to fetch a bucket for their whole day's use.
When I work in the kitchen, almost every min i need to turn the tap and rinse my fingers or this n that.. Its so difficult for me to work with limited supply of water.. it makes me feel for those who get up at 4 in the morning for they get water for an hour at that time and they must collect as much as they can in that one hour only..
They say it won't be long that we will have safe drinking water available.. is that what we want for our future generations?

The sound of gushing water is like oxygen for me. I know my effort to save it is miniscule but every drop will count is what i believe.

Pls join in!

Here are some facts on Water Saving:

  • Less than 1% of the earth’s water supply can be used for drinking.
  • A small drip from a tap can waste as much as four litres of water a day.
  • Two thirds of the water used in a home is used in the bathroom.
  • Most of the world’s people must walk at least three hours to fetch water.
  • Leaving the tap running while you clean your teeth can waste nine litres of water.
  • Water consumption usually drops 18-25% when a water metre is fitted.
  • Waiting until you have a full load for your washing machine can save up to 70 litres.
  • Waiting until you have a full load for your dishwasher can save up to 30 litres.
  • A five minute shower uses about a third of the water of a bath, saving up to 400 litres per week.
  • A water saving device in your toilet cistern can save up to three litres per flush.
source. Read here for more tips & google has many such more.


Masood said...


hitch writer said...

tell me bout it... in our neighbouring town ujjain, water is distributed under police protection... indore should be without water by mid-april !!!

mindspace said...

@ Masood, Thanks! I was working around embedding the clip and not done with the post when you visited.. I am done now, please do read and do you bit. Thanks..

@ Ya, Dhiran, doesn't that hurt.

Iya said...

i am a good girl, i shut the tap while i brush :) :)

Masood said...

I second Iya. Me too, Me too.

p.s. Guess it's not advisable to rush onto a post the minute it is posted :p

Deepika M said...

YUp...its us who are fortunate to have these kind of privileges, not many have them!!!