Monday, February 2, 2009

Is it attachment or just plain convention

that I am finding difficult to alter with. 

Even after being out of India for good 10 days, my cellphone as well as the watch shows India time.

Everytime we feel we are late for something/somewhere & I look for time, I only get knocked for six as the Indian time further adds an hour and a half to the delay :( :(

When I am home alone, I keep looking at the wall clock where Amit had set UAE time before I came and chk the India time on my laptop clock and start thinking what ppl back home would be doing now (yes, India time on laptop as well, I hvnt changed it anywhere yet.)

I think its too much! but no, I am not missing India. I will change it in a day or 2.


Kanupriya said...

Well, I guess attachment or maybe u r missing ur folks:-)...

mindspace said...

well, actually I didnt feel the need to do that. & yday when I stepped out of home and traveled around the city for the first time without husband, i changed the timezone on all my gadgets except the laptop :)
& for my attachment for that land, i will leave it as it is!

destiny said...

which all places have u been to wid out amit?

Anonymous said...

why dont u miss india?

just curious :D

mindspace said...

@ Niyati
I went to jabel ali, ibn batuta mall, media city and al nahda but wid amit its different fun altogether..

@ Roop
well, I actually mean I miss India. I hv been there all my life and for some reasons i will always be attached to it but then if I crib to myself abt that I will not be able to enjoy the place i am in. so..... besides, with amit any place in itself doesn't make a difference :p

Indian Home Maker said...

Awwww You really miss India :) I did this clock time changing when my daughter went alone to Europe, I had to know what she could be doing at any given time :)

Reflections said...

Almost 10 yrs back I did the same.....I left my watch on India time for almost 2 months before I admitted defeat.

And welcome to Dubai:-D!!!!!!!!!!

mindspace said...

@ Reflections
Thanks for reading me.. Now I feel I m not the only one.. & hey, Thanks .. so you are also in Dubai :)