Saturday, January 31, 2009

a walk along Dubai Creek @ Burdubai

An early dinner and off to bur dubai. Thats what we did yday. There you have "Dubai Creek", a 14 km long natural sea water inlet that devides Dubai into 2 parts- Deira Dubai and Bur Dubai. 

It's a historical part of Dubai & I am listing few of its offerings to a traveller like me.

--A stroll along its banks can get you a picturesque glimpse of Dubai's trading heritage. -- THIS IS WHAT WE DID LAST EVENING.

apart from that,

--One can take a small water taxi called an abra and view the old trading port and the dhows from the water. 

--A cruise to Al-Maktoum Bridge passes many of the city's historic as well as modern landmarks. An imaginative way of seeing Dubai is to take a tour of the creek by traditional wooden dhow or cabin cruiser. Most of the major landmarks can be seen from the waterway. Daytime or evening cruises are available with food and beverages on board.

--At the inland end of the Creek is a large, shallow lagoon, now a wildlife sanctuary which has become a heaven for migrating shore birds. Some 27,000 birds have been counted here at one time during the autumn migration. The most spectacular are the many Greater Flamingos which have made the Creek their permanent home. 

I was reading all this & more about the creek here

I also must mention some terms, their meaning and significance here to begin with.

The Creek has played a major role in the economic development achieved by Dubai. Since the early days, when Dubai was a center for pearl fishing and pearl trade, Dubai's trade development was attributed to the creek.

Abras (small wooden boats) serve as taxis for those who want to cross from the Deira side to the Bur Dubai side. The journey takes around ten minutes and costs just 50 fils.

Dhow is a traditional arab sailing vessel with one or more triangular sails, called lateens. It is indigenous to the coasts of the Arabian Peninsula, India, and East Africa. A larger dhow may have a crew of approximately thirty while smaller dhow have crews typically ranging around twelve. Up to the 1960s, dhows made commercial journeys between the Persian Gulf and East Africa using only sails as a means of propulsion. The freight was mostly dates and fish to East Africa and mangrove timber to the lands in the Persian Gulf. They sailed south with the monsoon in winter or early spring and back again to Arabia in late spring or early summer. 

Souk is Arabic word for a place where things are sold or exchanged. Dubai is one of the best places in the world to find a range of excellent, authentic, competitive Arab souks  GOLD & SPICE Souks are the most famous here.

This I believe is a mosque(not sure) that we saw while walking along the creek and it looked beautiful.


roopscoop said...

wow u're learning so much so fast!! :)) thanks for sharing, mate.

mindspace said...

pleasure is always mine sweetypie :p
courtesy amit and internet!

Mridula said...

The night shots look beautiful!

mindspace said...

Thanks Mridula. I am counting on my husband to get me a better camera - the scenes are much more beautiful that what u see here.. till then maybe i will be content with these :)