Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I resolve - 2009

An incidence yday made me think that I have been using bad words pretty often and with just too much of ease, fun thing being the pleasure I get in using them! chi chi.. They sound sweet (I am yet to graduate to those higher levels that sound gross!) but i dont want to be using them anymore. 

A year an a half of Delhi stay and especially city driving along with my better 2/3rd (:P .. this doesnt count in being bad) is to be blamed for it in my case. However, in 2009, I will conciously make an effort to minimise the use and be polite.

I read somewhere that writing down your resolution strengthens the determination to follow it through. Wats the harm anyways, in trying this trick as well. 


Masood said...

Arre but what was the galli? Atleast tell what you decided not to tell?

mindspace said...

hehe..i can understand ur curiosity to know but nope..I am not even telling that! :)

Masood said...

phir bhi...atleast ek toh bata de....just for my GK ya

mindspace said...

saley kameene types.. aur kya? besides stupid, idiot n bloody..