Friday, January 9, 2009

20 kg limit... phew!!!

My Mom has been behind me to sort things and decide what is really really needed to be taken along. And I dread the thought of having to dispose any of my small/comfy stuff futher especially after having done that already and that too, heavily, once when I was leaving Delhi... (Ruby, my maid must be happy to collect all my punjabi suits, t-shirts :(.. n what not) and we also went to a set of street families to distibute our winder clothes and other stuff.. The matter of concern therefore is that the Internation flight allowing 20+7 kgs whereas same airlines in domestic flight had a 30+7 kg baggage allowed.

After much of elimination and selection, I came to mumbai with a 3 8 k g checked in bag, a h e a v y cabin bag that I am sure was more than 12 kgs but didnt get checked for wgt thankfully, a s t u f f e d laptop bag, my b i g hand bag and another small carry bag which had my bamboo shoots and a glass bowl. Even though the lady at the Air India check-in counter gave me an option of bribing her(not at the counter, pls go to the loo, fold the money between paper and leave it on my table - this is what she shamelessly told me) with Rs 1000 and carry the excess, I demanded a recpt and paid the actuals. I dont know if these things happen abroad too, but it is totally shamefull.

This time, I have selected the cheapest flight so that I can compensate for the price, If I have to pay, for any excess baggage to my next destination(Dubai) but the tricky thing is to reduce the 40 odd kgs to 20 something when I know I must have added 10 more kgs with my shopping in Mumbai :(

Its going to be another painstaking exercise.. phew!!


Masood said...

Aapke mumbai airport se comment kar raha hun...waiting for my connecting flight to Aurangabad.

Good luck with the luggage. Unfortunately wont be around to welcome you in DXB. And no, there's no bribing at international airports abroad but not sure in India.

destiny said...

I am surprised to read dis abt bribing stuff at airport, how can she even say dat, u shud have lodged a complaint against her. here in dubai if at all u exceed ur luggage limit, dey ask u to pay for it, which is always a bit too much but absloutely no bribing. i wonder what all things u r getting from india, u get everything thing under d sky u can think of in dubai, coz of travelling from here to india we have got used to d 20 something limit and i take everything dat is reqd widin dat limit :) its difficult to decide in d beginning but once u r here and den travel bak to india u wud find it easy to manage, u shud have booked most of d stuff in d ship, so dat u can carry only few clothes wid u.

amit pant said...

if the option was of the size of luggage and not that of weight then i can surely vouch for you that you would have brought 60 Kgs in same bag :) ... and kudos to you for not falling for the bribe ting ...i would have had second thoughts :) good luck for your packing and bring only new stuff

Anonymous said...

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