Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2008, Travel- Part I

Some places visited in 2008 & loved them all.

There was news of snow fall in Nainital when we went there in Jan. This is Naini Lake taken from the flat side.

In Feb, went to Kolkata to train someone, I literally forced her an early morning to take me around  the city. Thats when I captured the famous Victoria Memorial.

Climbed Vaishno Devi on foot and came back riding ponies on Holi weekend, couldnt stop clicking this monkey for its intelligence.

Lansdowne peaceful hillstation in uttaranchal, reached there after a 295 km drive from Delhi.

Loved the peace, beauty and solitariness of this beautiful late called Khurpatal at 12 km from Nainital.

GOA - HR Offsite, need I say more :). Posting another pic below...

...bcoz impression of Goa without water is not complete.

Then in Aug, we went on our long awaited and planned long trip to Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib. 3 of us (Me, Amit and Manu-my bro) by car covered garwal and kumaun in our round trip.. 

It was Truely Awesome! Have been wanting to summarise the experience in a travelogue but being lazy. For now, putting up few pics below & in part II ( as uploading/arranging more images here is becoming a task :o).

... to be contd.


Masood said...

Lovely places you guys have visited. Amit keeps raving about it.

Just one concern: If this is just part 1, I would surely like to know, were you guys ever at home? :p

mindspace said...

hmmm..Isn't it Home wherever you are.. isn't it? & ask Amit if u dont believe me, I used to carry almost a mini home along wherever we went :)

Then we had trips to my parents and his parents to complete the circle.. so your concerns are ruled out. lol..

Mridula said...

I have been to a few of these but not Valley of Flowers yet! One day.

mindspace said...

Hey Mridula, glad to see you on my blog..

VOF is nothing short of heaven on earth. you must plan (July-Sep) is the best time & I have just posted the first part of VOF trip log today. please read the full travelogue :)