Saturday, January 17, 2009

whenever I drink

Ever since I have accompanied Mom to her endoscopy and seen the test happening live, every time I am drinking (say water) I can imagine it moving down my mouth to wherever it traverses- like the esophegus to stomach to duodenum... thank God the imagination doesnt go beyond. I am a freak! u think so?

I have done good amount of googling and you tubing on this test, including some scary looking interiors of human organs and I am grateful for the healthy state I am in [mum also has a mild problem which will be gone with 4 months of medication and timely meals etc]. Touch wood! 

:D :D & you thought I was abt to reveal of my drunken state??? some other time for sure(provided I suceed in getting drunk in the first place)..

till then, 
good health wishes to a!!

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asit dhal said...

I read ur blog and searched in you tube "endoscopy"

I watched a video of 54 seconds and it was totally crap. I gave that link to one of friends and he told me "useless people do useless things". lol....I became useless becoz I watched that video ??? I don't what that boy will call a doctor who earns his bread and butter by doing all theses "useless" things ???

nice my blog