Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sari n me = love n hate relation

Mum takes hardly 2 minutes to drape a sari(perfectly) and just about 5 sec to remove it as soon as the purpose of getting sari clad is over. When we were kids, me and Di used to criticise her pallu length or number of pleats. Not only this, we also had mum as the victim of our experiments on her hair - she has long nice hair and she used to be nice to let us do whatever we wished. But now(after marriage), I realise what it takes to put this otherwise elegant and beautiful and all that kind of attire on. While I did try wearing one at home few times during school days, I could never handle it properly.
On Teachers Day, when the highest class students are supposed pose and act as teachers, as a mark of respect and acknowledgement to them, all girls must wear sari- is the expectation. I feared sari so much that I found it easier to convince my maths teacher pleading that I can only wear a panjabi suit [sari n suit were the only dresses i saw my teachers wearing in our north India CBSE schools]. My sister on the other hand is an expert on this front, this being another point of j feeling which now has turned into admiration and inspiration.

Wearing sari on manu's thread ceremony around 2 years back, when I managed it the whole day made me excited and confident(I got many compliments that day :) ) but there still are times when I go back to being sad. Here is one such time. Once for Amit's friend's reception, I decided to test myself on my sari skills. I started with a pink sari that he had selected for me. Not much of surprise though. It took me more than an hour and finally changing into another simple blue sari that was easier to wear, to reach a satisfactory state of mind and head to the party. Husbands really have patience when it comes to waiting for their wives get ready. But when I saw the other wives there, flaunting those heavy designer sarees so effortlessly, I felt like hiding behind somewhere. I felt J, in the Delhi's Dec weather, these ladies had skimpy blouses and I was in a sweater!! Dont know what I should call myself for this now, boring, dull, whatever.. Sari therefore has always been a Big Deal for me. (MIL is so sweet. she has never made me feel that I am a bad DIL for this reason. maybe coz I never gave her a chance wearing it somehow for all those occassions like diwali, puja etc.. :D ). Its however my secret wish or desire to be able to wear it at least some times and feel great about it.

Having a girl child is "upshagun" as per the ma-sa of this much talked abt television serial //BALIKA VADHU\\ on colors channel. How SICK is that... 

these are my instant thoughts when i end this post while partially listening TV


harshasrisri said...

cute. Tho it was a post abt saree, i never felt it to be girly girly or disappointing. actually, u've made me long more for marriage so tht i too cud 'enjoy' waiting for my wife get ready. or rather, i'll get started with helping her with it :P ;) . wow! tht sounds better.

naperville mom said...

with all the cumbersome draping that's part of wearing a sari, I still wish it survives...nice!

deluded said...



nice blog, salut.


Excellent ... well written. Look forward to more "innocuous yet lifting" writing. All the best

roopscoop said...

hehehe same here! did u read my posts on sari!! same same here. :) but i got them stitched now. all crepe ones and georgette ones can get stitched :D ... wear 'em like a skirt. crepe's nice cuz u can't see the stitch=work ... with georgete it is somewhat visible but what the heck , atleast i am wearing a sari :p ....

mindspace said...

Thank you all for reading and leaving such encouraging comments.

Yes, my husband also tries to help and praises me (I think coz i attempt to wear it)

@naperville mom
It will, my dear. The sheen of this attire will ensure its survival.

It'll be my pleasure!

Have you been in mumbai ever "itni tareef nahi karne ka" so typically belong to this town.
yes i did read ur sari posts n saw the pics in blue sari n that pink sari in some party :) were they all stitched ones? u look so comfortable in them.. what else does one need.