Tuesday, January 6, 2009

One of my Firsts..

My first- 'last day at work'.
work, that was in a company I joined as my 'first', little more than 7 years back, just after finishing college.

So there is a lot attached to it. Colleagues joined and left and kept switching jobs further but I never felt the need or got an opportunity to quit. How sad, one might think but  job satisfaction is the word i guess. I had it inspite of those few hardships here and there OR maybe these hardships played their role in me sticking here. Friends who started working at the same time as myself, often tease me saying 'I have some kind of secret contract with this company and i will retire from here only.' Am i making sense in what i am writing or am I too lost in the memories to pen down anything sane? let me pls know. One of them -those same friends I mean, would say - 'hota hai, hota hai! quitting "YOUR COMPANY" is bound to have such effect on you.' (if they read this post that is)

Anyways, so, today was that day; rather yday according to the time i m putting this post up.
I was generally happy for this meant i can join Amit sooner. With the prevailing attrition rates, one gets to read good bye emails almost every now and then but I wanted to be as original as I could. Therefore had been drafting a 'goodbye email' for past few days in mind, finally to arrive at a short and simple one emphasizing on the thankyou part. Being a Maximiser and having an Eye for Detail are my painful 'best' areas so I had thoughtfully created a loooong mailing list as well. And strategically timed the dispatch of this mail just before noon, so that i get to read the responses. Some people send the email at the end of day, I wonder if they are not eager to read the replies. By now you must have got an idea that i was completely vella today(my last day at work) and had no 'work' to do. So what do I get in response? Around one outlook screen full of mails saying either "delivery failure"- some of the ppl in my mailing list had quit by this time, "recipients mailbox full" - some don't bother clearing their mailboxes, eh how lazy.." and "out of office auto replies" - some are still on vacations, lucky them! all of them go into delete folder n rest in peace. What left me smiling were the rest of mails i got. Replies from some seniors, some work colleagues, some friends- with lotsa wishes and sweet things that i actually wanted to hear or say read...

I was really vella.. so much so that I made a log of all those mails and plan to preserve that in my personal mailbox. Today, when I started writing here, putting up that log was in my mind but due to confidentiality reasons(that thankfully did strike me at the last moment) and sensitivity around who said what 'sweet thing' abt me :D I refrain from doing so... why in that case am i still continuing this post?? 

Simply coz I am glad for the special farewell i got today (I mean yday) and i just feel like writing abt it. Its my blog after all (this is a stolen line from so many blogs I read recently) but comes out straight from my heart right now. Wonderful farewell wishes on email to boost my feel good factor, some yum indulgence at the Ling's Pavilion @ colaba, a super delicious cake for belated bday in the evening, quite a few moving grt words spoken by the boss abt me and a beautiful Tanishq pendent as a parting gift. wow! I wouldnt have asked for more. Did I not mention the repeated "i love u's" from a colleague of mine whom i presented a fish bowl today morning? The girls in office liked idea of gifting fish bowl and that again made me happy happy :)


bharati Awatramani said...

I read few blogs of yours today.found very interesting.. liked the one.. where u wrote u have made a blog friend... and then saw the pics of 08.. loved the title of love and hate relation between u and sari... and then i came to this blog.. which i knew will be there...
All blogs written by you are really beautiful.. want to share something... used at times (well most of the times actually :)) not like when u used send such big big mails in office.. but here i just love reading these blogs of urs...so do keep writing..
u will be missed a lot in office... take care.

mindspace said...

Thanks my dear! for reading them all and for leaving this lovely comment..

y dont you click on "follow this blog" link on the right side bar?

keep telling me what you like or not like abt things i write. I love to read that..

I will miss the office ppl too...