Friday, January 16, 2009

I wonder..

I have made a blog friend!! 
So far, have interacted with this friend through blog comments only but to me this is enough to feel good with. I am not asking the friend to acknowledge or to reciprocate any of my feelings.

I am just wondering about blogosphere (not sure if I spelled the term right), its a world in itself...
Unsure of my regularity in pouring out the crap here once I am with Amit(life gets busy u see, ahem ahem.. ) but I have realised that I do need at least one channel to connect online. Because when I quit orkut few months back, my love for blog reading surfaced. Thankfully. Orkut was a sheer waste of time after a point, its great to find all your old pals (school, college, neighbourhood etc etc) and I did that, but besides that nothing much. On blogs, I have read the journey of people, their point of view on n number of things under the sun and beyond, humour filled expression for simplest of feelings, the power of words in a nut shell. All this is inspiring. Dunno how but it is, for me.! 

Maybe this also speaks of an aspect of my personality.

Seeing the huge gang of blogger friends, makes me wonder how they manage it though.. as soon as they publish a post, comments start pouring in. I am serious when I say I would find it difficult to keep track of them and reply aptly to each one of their comments. 

With moderation ON, it must be really taking them good part of their time. So here is a round of applause to all those bloggers for managing their readers so well(including this new found friend of mine)

my phone just rang while i was wondering about all this.. what adds to my speculation is "how can he think of getting on an ironing board if he can't find anything else to reach that high point on the wall?" 
In the mid of our conversation, he mentions of the mess in the house and the need to buy some furniture n stuff including IRON BOARD. 
"But I saw one when u recently sent me our new home pictures" I said. 
Having poor luck at that moment, he quickly got caught and told me the truth. he he.. glad he has not broken his knee at least. 
There is not one but many such incidents that keep me healthy and I know he is not gonna spare me for sharing it here.



amit pant said...

teri to ... by the way you can give credit to me for getting you out of orkut. and then by going to dubai and leaving you alone in mumbai I gave you chance to explore the world of blogging :).

And I am used to, my ambitious actions being discussed in public as you and mom share same habit of exposing me and loving it.
And what I wonder is ... its you ppl who made me "Besharam" and it you only who ask me y i am such a "Besharam"
Wah Wah ...

mindspace said...