Friday, January 30, 2009

Soup of the Day


Prepared today morning and it turned out to be nice. Best thing - Its most S I M P L E. . & quick to make. Plus its healthy and nutritious. Here is what I did.

Peel, clean and cut a qtr of pumpkin into small cubes.
Pressure cook with little salt and pepper.(I waited for 3 whistles)
The pumpkin becomes so soft that one could do with just mashing it but for the proper soup texture, I preferred making a purree out of it in mixer.
(optional) dissolve a spoonful of cornflour into 1/3rd cup of milk to be used for thickening the soup.

Put little butter or oil in a pan and heat it.
Add mustard seeds & let them sputter.
Add the pumpkin pulp into it, add water to get the consistency you like and bring it to a boil.
Add salt and pepper as per taste and stir well. 
Add butter for taste (again, optional)

Coriander leaves
cocumber cut into thin half moon shaped slices.

Serve it hot. Infact have it too.

Inspiration: Bhabhi, who inspired me to try different soups and salads to enjoy my housewife days. Will ping her for the next tip nowwwwww..

Experience: This was my second soup attempt after coming here. First was supposed to be of spinach. But I spoiled it by using some wierd tasting look-alike of it. Picking up vegetables here is not as simple as in India. The other day, I confused lettuce to cabbage :(  YES, ME DID THAT :(


Anonymous said...

omg ... look at you, lady ... all housewifely!! that looks awesome. u know what else works real well? butternut squash. see if u can in the market.

u must be missing india eh?

mindspace said...

missing India? well yes for few things.

I had a job there and could see lotsa greenery around. Rest everything I am enjoying here as well.

and thank you for introducing butternut squash to me, i found it in the supermkt, will try some day for sure.

Masood said...

Yes, I heard about your spinach story ...couldn't stop laughing!!! Sahi hai...lage raho tarabhen :p