Thursday, January 8, 2009

Of bye bye and blessings!

I eagerly look for new posts by bloggers whom I follow. Its lovely, how they put their thoughts and experiences into words and some moms so passionately put down their journey of being 'mom'. Now today when I returned home after a day of running around for my ticket, forex etc etc, I read Parul's blog on salaams n namaste's and went into flash back with a smile on.

It was the day we had packed our bags in Delhi. While Amit was moving to Dubai, I had to come to mumbai for handover at office n stuff. Sumit (Amit's younger bro) had come from hostel the night before to stay with us and believe me I was wanting to stuff his bag with every little thing that I couldnt pack in our bags, reason being-disposing them or leaving it back for it to go waste wasn't agreeable to me. I guess he had come by bus or rickshaw so that while going back he could take the thunderbird (Amit's first love). Thank god! he didnt sell it off. Now, I hope to ride on it again whenever we go back to Delhi and someday fulfill my wish to photograph this 11 murty statue myself.
Ok, so I was talking of salaam namaste's n the 'flash back'. Original plan for the next day morning was that Sumit will come along on the bike and we two would go by the hired cab to airport. But at the last moment, we pataoed Sumit to bid us bye at home itself and go straight to his hostel. We convinced him that we shall call him incase we need some help and also keep him informed of our safe flights etc.. I basically wanted to save him of the trip by this short cut which meant the same as he coming to airport n saying bye.. and Amit later smiled teasingly with his mischievous remark "there goes the kabab mein haddi." He was hoping and being ambitious that he is gonna get hugs n all that when he drops me at domestic terminal.. :D. Anyways, thats not the point even though all his romantic hopes remained just that.. "hopes"....; Sumit easily agreed to the changed plan and after those final chit chats, when I slid into the car, he bent down gesturing "touching my feet".. I resisted. My good wishes are always with him, he reminds me of my brother and thats how I miss Manu lesser in his presence, so, when I resisted his bending down, he said something which I dont remember exactly. But if I am not wrong, he meant- These are customs which hold value if done on proper occassions. I think he meant that when we see each other regularly, a casual hello is fine but now we will meet only after months or longer. We 3 had been staying together (with short gaps in between) ever since I came into the family, so this was the first time we were actually getting apart. So he felt like following that custom to seek his "Bhabhi's" blessings.

I have asked him to correct me if my interpretation wasn't right.

With due respect to the customs, and thanks to the changing times, I actually dont think these gestures mean a thing. I couldn't agree more to Aneela's comment on Parul's blog which said "tameez dil may honee chahiye', if the person in question wishes me and mine well and says hi, its OK (or so I tell myself)". Having said that, I did feel nice at Sumit's reasoning (If I got that right). Such a sweet little boy that he is! Now I am not being sweet coz he is going to read it. He really is! With small gripes here n there but they exists with everyone. Who is perfect anyways? Right Sumit? What do u say..? 

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amit pant said...

arre maine kab bola kabab main haddi ...kuch bhi