Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Need help.. linking pictures?

As part of Travel 2008 series, I am writing a travelogue on a special trip, which will not be complete without linking it to lotsa pics. But I dont want to insert images in the post for that will 
  • increase the size and length of the post
  • make it difficult for me to manually do it (for lack of patience)
  • and it will delay in loading of the page

I have an idea & have seen in other blogs too, that we can put pics in sites like flickr and link the text to them BUT flickr has a limit in the number of pics that can be loaded in a month. I am also not familiar with manoeuvrings in flickr. 

So I need some help in sorting this out.. pleaseeeeeeeeee give some ideas on how to do this pls...


amit pant said...


You can convert pics into thumbnail and use them as link to the site wher you have loaded the original pic

asit dhal said...

wht ab picasa ????

mindspace said...

I found thumbnails a tiresome process Amit :(

Yes, Asit, that is an option but it links to the whole album (This is what happened when i did that in the next post, finding no other alternative) but I didnt want to do that.

Thanks guys for suggestions! I am going ahead with my travelogue any which ways. will edit later if need be.